Tropical Luau Party


Hula Girl 4yr - Pin Monkey on Palm Tree

Luau Party 1yr - Greet with a Lei

Luau Vacation Party - Hawaiian Decorations

Luau Pool Party - Beach in a Bag Invite

Luau Party -1yr- Aloha Chicken Wings

Hawaiian Luau - Message in Bottle

Luau Party 1yr - Tiki Torches & Grass Skirts

Luau 10yr - Crabs in the Fishnet

Luau Party 8yr - Pass the Coconut

Luau Party 9-13yr - Passport Invitations

Hawaiian Luau 8-10yr - Tiki Lamps

Hawaiian Luau 4yr - Airline Ticket Invitations

Splish Splash Luau Bash 4yr - Hawaiian Bash

Luau Party 12-14yr - Hawaiian Music

Swing'in Monkeys Luau - Luau Foods

Hawaiian Luau 2yr - Pineapple Bowling

Hawaiian Party 3yr - Cardboard Palm Trees

Hawaiian Theme - Fill the Suitcase Relay

Hawaiian Luau 12yr - Crazy Coconut Game

Victoria's Luau 7yr - Inflatable Palm Trees

Hawaiian 4yr - Tropical Flower Invites

Luau Party 11yr - Dress-up Relay

Luau Party 5yr - Limbo & Homemade Cake

Luau Party 10yr - Hula & Chopstick Race

Luau Party 5yr - Hawaiian Names

Wet N' Wild 12yr - Decorate Flip Flops

Summer Luau Party 2yr - Ring the Octopus

Luau Party 7-9yr - Sand Bucket Toss

Hawaiian Beach Party 11yr - Sponge Relay

Winter Hula Girl Party 6yr - Luau Punch

Luau Party 1 & 2yr - Luau at the Lake

Luau Party 1yr - Make your Lei & Flowers

Luau Party 6yr - Beach Scene Picture

Hawaiin Resort 6yr - Green Screen Video

Florida Style Luau 2yr - Aloha Airlines

Hawaiian Hula Luau 6yr - Tiki Hut & Sandy Beach

Hawaiian Luau - Coconut Scavenger Hunt

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