Tropical Luau Party

Hawaiian Luau 12yr - Crazy Coconut Game




Lidiya in Connecticut,USA


May 2004


Special Mention

\*Hawaiian Luau\*~12 year old~ My birthday is in the middle of May so I decided to have a hawaiian Luau. At first I wanted to have a pool side party, but since I live in a condo it doesn't open until Memorial Day. I didn't want to wait that long so I decided to play in the back yard with the hose and water balloons. This turned out to be so much fun. I bought a water jump rope wich we had a lot of fun with because eventually it broke and we all started spraying each other with the hose eventhough the water was ice cold. I also received a Unidentified Disco Object for my birthday.(something of a disco ball) I sort of made the  basement a disco eventhough that wasn't part of my theme. Even my parents started dancing!!! They were doing the twist which everybody still gets a laugh from eventhough my party was 2 weeks ago.

\*invites\* For invataions I decided to just buy blank cards and write the invites by hand. I also considered buying beach balls and writing out the invites on them with a sharpie but I thought it would be to much of hassle since some people might not even come.

\*Places to buy party goods\* Dollar Tree just opened in the town that we go shopping for groceries so we went inside and I have to say they have A LOT OF GREAT STUFF THERE!!! They have really nice party plates they even had those little umbrella things they always have at Hawaiian Parties. I also went to I party to get my pinata, and stuff to fill the goodybags with. 

\*Decorations\* I bought parrot, Island flower, and Island garlands at Dollar Tree and Hung them in the basement. I also bought an Aloha sign. I mostly just decorated with crepe paper to have tiki effect. Everyone loved my decorations. If you just be creative it can look awesome. \*Prizes/goody bags\* For prizes I just bought some jolley Ranchers, Lip gloss, and hairstuff. You should have seen how much I had left over though so I just let everybody take a handful of it and there was none left. For goodybags I bought the Bubblicious 5 pack of gum from Dollar tree and gave everyone one, 1 lei,tropical bubbles,lollipops, and the enourmous amount of candy they got from there pinatas and I mean enourmous. 

\*Food\* For food I had ,cake, barbaque chips, tortilla chips, vegtable platter, cheese and pepperoni pizza, coke, and Volcano Punch. To make the Volcano Punch I  Poured some Hawaiian Punch into a Punch bowl, Added some sherbet, and then Ginger Ale and it tasted great.

\*Games\*    For games I had Volley balloon toss where you just toss the water balloon back and fourth with a towel over a net, a water balloon fight, water balloon toss, Hula Pass~ everyone stands in a line;link hands and without letting go of hands try getting the hula hoop from the begginning of the line to the end,Hula Pass~ I filled two buckets with ice cold water and put Hula gear in them (leis,hula skirts,beach hats, sunglasses,etc.) On go the first person runs puts on all the gear and then says hula takes off all the gear tags the next person and so on the first team to finish wins,musical towels~ exactly like musical chairs except with beach towels, sopping wet tag ~ wet a sponge thoroughly and begin throwing,Crazy Coconut~ Sit in a circle. One person tosses a ball (coconut) while saying a word like shell the girl catching the ball must say a word that begins with the last letter of the word that was sead before, if the person doesn't do this there out, and so forth until there is one person left, Coconut Stampede~ Tie balloons to everyones ankles and stomp away, Pin the tail on the Donkey~ I think you know how to play this game!! I only did it because the game was so stupid it was funny eveyone loved this game!!!!!!! Pinata~ fill with candy and hit away until candy falls out!!!!!!!!!!

\*Music\* I just Played the Freaky Friday Soundtrack for almost the whole Party. One of my friends brought her CD's So we ended up dancing until we couldn't stop it was so much fun especially when my parents came down and started dancing. I hope my ideas have helped you. I have had so much fun planning my party. I was so afraid that my party was going to stink but I ended up having the best birthday Party in my life. I hope you will to. Good Luck!!!!!!!

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