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Maureen in Carmichael, CA, USA


Sept. 2003


September 2003 Winner

Makaio's 2nd Birthday Hawaiian Luau  Thanks to numerous ideas from this site and others, we had a fabulous party and will likely do another Luau soon. 

Invitation:  I used pink card stock and small print floral origami paper to create handmade Hawaiian shirt invitations.  I drew on the origami paper the collar, front shirt opening, and buttons.  The inside of the card said, Aloha (name of guest), You are cordially invited to Makaio’s 2nd Birthday Luau at the Royal Kaika Resort.  When:  Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 3:30 pm  Where: 1234 Windsor Beach Dr on the Island of Carmichael  What to wear:  Dress in your Wildest Hawaiian Gear.  Best dressed Hawaiian wins a prize.  Leis are provided.  Each was signed Mahalo with a tropical shell, or floral sticker.  We invited about 35 people and had around 25 come.  Guests indicated the invitation was inspirational for the Luau theme. 

Decorations:  On the day of the party, we redirected people from our front gate to our garden gate with a posted message, The (our last name) have gone to Hawaii for vacation, to join them, please take the Garden gate and follow the Tiki path  to the Royal Kaika Resort.    The Garden Gate had a poster size Magenta pink sign that said Aloha Welcome to the Royal Kaika Resort  I purchased the Aloha cutout and then added the personal details using Microsoft Word’s Monotype Corsiva font in a very large size.  I traced over the computer printout onto the sign and then filled in the impression with periwinkle ink.  On the adjoining fence we had a purchased large Tiki tower cardboard cutout that was over 6 ft high.  Guests then followed the 30 feet of garden path lined with lots of foliage, some flowers, and Tiki torches to the covered patio.  We lined our covered patio with matchstick blinds and raffia and shell fringe around the roofline.  This made a great Tiki hut.  We had a Lei curtain over the patio door.  The walls had purchased cardboard cutouts of hula girls, palm trees, and informational posters for each station/table.   

Just off the covered patio we had an 8x12 foot wallpaper mural of a palm tree lined beach with ocean water lapping the sand.  I purchased this from American Blind and Wallpaper factory online.  I mounted the wallpaper mural to luann board and a 1x2 wood frame with glue and screws.  I made it into three panels that can be disassembled and stored.  I went to rent this item from a local rental agency and they wanted $500 for the rental.  I made it for around $150.  This mural was a terrific backdrop for the party and for pictures.  Three large tables were decorated with light blue table covers, then lined with 29 inch long raffia, shells, and starfish table skirts, then dark blue fishnet covered each table and shells and tropical party favors were scattered over each table.  Lei and Greeting Table:  As guests arrived they were greeted with silk neck and ankle leis, grass skirts, beachcomber hats, and/or silk flowers for the hair. 

Each guest was given a nametag made from card stock with a floral or shell sticker partially trimmed out.  Little Children got their nametags on their backs.  The nametag was personalized with their Hawaiian name and their Island title.  English names can be translated into Hawaiian at alohafriends.com.  Many of the guests were helping with some aspect of the party, so their Island title reflected that.  For example:  Lolike -Ohana Lei girl (greeter), Elenola Island Photographer, Mikala Island Video Production Manger, Keiko Goddess of Island Nectars (bartender), Keoni Island Limbo King, Kalika Island Witch Doctor, Kala Island Grill Master, Wikolia Tropical Temptress of Pineapple Bowling, and of course my 2 year old, Makaio Little Volcano. 

Above the table was a large magenta poster with the title Hawaiian Names and Phrases this told people how to pronounce their Hawaiian name and gave them about 30 common Hawaiian phrases also found on the website alohafriends.com.  This poster was created using the same Monotype Corsiva font.  The poster was then decorated with silk flowers hot glued in place to give a 3-D appeal.  There was also a hula girl cut out next to this poster.  At the greeting table we had a coffee table book with aerial pictures of Hawaii entitled Above Hawaii.  We also had my son’s photo albums since birth and his web site loaded on a laptop for people to view.  Guests had a mini beach ball labeled with their name for our tidal wave game later.  Then they each got three mini tropical colored clothespins to keep or lose based on their ability to only use people’s Hawaiian names. 

Aloha Bar and Grill:  Guests next proceeded to the Bar where the drink menu was printed on a large Magenta poster again decorated with silk flowers like previously described.  There was also another tissue Aloha sign that decorated a large Bar and Grill sign.  On  the drink menu poster, the items to each drink were printed so people could make their own drink or use the bartender if they wanted.  Three blenders were set up along with all the ingredients and garnishes.  Party ice was in the freezer and ice chests adjoining the table.  The drinks were served in plastic bamboo glasses with Hibiscus topped straws.  Appetizers were also on this table with Tiki decorated napkins and plates.  The ‘Pu pu platter (appetizer in Hawaiian) had rolled meats and cheese cubes with the fish and umbrella picks.  We also had sushi rolls, and vegetables and dip trays. 

Drink Menu:  Corona’s with lime - In a mini fridge at the side of the table Mixed Sodas In a large blue plastic tub with ice  (flowers could be added)  Pina Colada 6 oz Pineapple juice 2 oz Coconut milk ½ -1cup ice 2 oz light rum (omit for virgin) Garnish with pineapple, juice from lime, and cherry  Strawberry Colada 8 strawberries 5 oz pineapple juice 2 oz coconut cream ½ - 1cup ice 2 oz light rum (omit for virgin) Garnish with pineapple and cherry  Banana Colada 1 banana 6 oz pineapple juice 1.5 oz coconut mile ½ - 1 cup ice 2 oz light rum (omit for virgin) Garnish with pineapple and cherry  Tropical Smoothie 1 cup fruit of choice 1/2 cup ice 6 oz pineapple or orange juice  Blue Hawaiian 1 oz Light Rum 1 oz Blue Curacao 2 oz Pineapple juice 1 oz Coconut milk 1 cup ice Garnish with pineapple, lime and /or cherry  Virgin Blue Hawaiian Over cup of crushed ice pour ½ pineapple juice ½ 7up 2 drops of blue food color garnish with lime or pineapple  Background Entertainment:  We had Ocean wave sounds playing behind the mural.  We had a mix of Hawaiian music and beach boys playing on the large portable CD player.  We had a small area set up for the kids on the deck with Lilo and Stitch playing on a TV/DVD player on a small outdoor coffee table with 6 little kid chairs (rented). 

Photo Opportunity:  Each guest or family was encouraged to have a picture taken in front of the mural.  (these photos were used for thank you cards afterwards).  After all the guests arrived, we had a panoramic group photo in front of the mural as well.  Hawaiian name game:  We then announced the start of using their Hawaiian name only game or lose a pin to the person who caught you using an English name. 

Aloha Grill Menu:  Guests then were encouraged to get their meal and relax a bit.  The Grill table had the menu printed on a brilliant blue poster board again decorated with silk flowers.  This menu hung over the table.  Each dish also had a place card on the table.  I tried to give the dishes Hawaiian themed titles if possible.  Appetizers on Bar table Sushi rolls on wooden dish Pu pu platter - Meat and cheese Veges chips and dip on covered trays    Salads Watermelon Falls  - Fresh tropical fruit salad served in a watermelon and cascading out on to the large silver serving tray Ocean in Motion Blue Jell-o with Swedish Fish in a real fish bowl  Meal Maui Lime Chicken and Shrimp lime marinated and grilled then served on Tiki party trays  Tropical Shish kabobs with rice Tri tip marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil with red bell peppers, pineapple, onions, and mushrooms served on a foil covered broiler pan.  We also did a vegetarian version of this using chickettes  instead of tri tip.  Hawaiian baked beans with pineapple Maple sugar beans with BBQ sauce, brown sugar and pineapple served in a slow cooker  Desert Hula Ula Ula Lemon mousse cake decorated with my dashboard dancing hula girl from Hawaii 

Games:  Guests finished eating when we called the start of the games.  One couple was assigned to be the Limbo King and Queen and their two year old girl was the Limbo Keiki baby.  They held the limbo stick in place and lowered it as we played Limbo Rock and everyone tried to go under the Limbo stick.  Both adults and kids participated well with this game.  We named two winners, one over and one less than four feet tall.  The Limbo kit can be purchased, but I just used three pieces of large bamboo from a neighbor’s bamboo forest. 

The next game was Pineapple Bowling.  We used .5 liter water bottles filled with just a dash of water (for stabilization).  The bottles were covered with tissue pineapples.  We used a purchased coconut for the bowling ball.  The patio had taped markings to identify where to place the pineapples and where the bowler had to stand.  Mostly the kids played this game.  The coconuts were scored by the grocery store, which meant after some use they started to leak coconut milk, but they lasted long enough for a winner to be declared.  Un-scored coconuts will last much longer. 

The final game was Tidal Wave where we took a very large blanket and placed it on the ground.  Everyone now received their previously named mini beach ball and placed it in the center of the blanket.  Then everyone grabbed part of the blanket and we called tidal wave we tossed the blanket until there was just one ball left and that was our winner.  Everyone was able to participate with this game, even our one guest in a wheel chair.  This game almost went to fast, but the big participation was great. 

Dessert:  We brought out the cake, which was a ½ flat Lemon Mousse cake purchased at a local bakery.  The cake was topped with a bright yellow lemon glaze and the writing was in a thin light blue large-size icing.  The writing said, Happy 2nd Birthday Makaio  The top 1/3 of the cake was left empty for me to decorate with my dashboard dancing hula doll I purchased from Hawaii on Ebay.  She was an adorable hula girl with a green grass skirt, a magenta waistband, and pom-poms, bright yellow flower headband and lei, and swinging black hair.  She was on a small stand that said, Hawaii.  I surrounded her with silk flowers.  We sang Happy Birthday to my son, and then he blew out his candles.  We then cut and served the cake. 

More Games:  During the dessert time, most people were seated, so we handed out pencils and paper and did our quiz on Makaio.  We had seven questions and they were all multiple choice so most kids could write A,B,C or D.  However the 2 and 3 year olds were busy swinging in the hammock and did not participate.  After a winner was found for this game, we counted who had the most pins and had a winner for our Hawaiian name game.  Lastly everyone voted on the best dressed Hawaiian on the back of their cards.  The winner of this contest got a Boogie board.  The rest of the winners got door prizes from a basket.  These door prizes included, shell candles, shell sandals, bamboo rain sticks, a coconut bra, a tribal mask, sand toys, a Frisbee, a beach ball, a Scooby rubber ball, a baton, a parrot hand puppet, and a flamingo hand puppet.  Party favors were handed out to everyone and included, bubbles in fish containers, small tropical painted maracas, candy, stickers, pinball games, and an assortment of other trinkets. 

Presents:  We convinced my son to open his presents at this time.  He really wanted to play with each toy rather than open them, but the guests really wanted him to open the presents so we did. 

Thank you:  We sent each friend a picture of them or their family in front of the mural or the group picture.  The picture included a magnetic Aloha frame and a thank you note.  Resources:  I spent about $1000 on this party and bought most things at OrientalTradingCompany.com, some at our local party stores, Wishing Well, and Party City, and some at the craft store Beverly’s and Home Depot for the mural backing.  You could do this party for much less dollars if you had less people or without the mural.  Best of luck planning your luau and getting into the ALOHA spirit.

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