Tropical Luau Party

Hula Girl 4yr - Pin Monkey on Palm Tree




Lisa in Kailua, Hawaii


May 2004


Honorable Mention

A 4 year old's Hula Girl Party 5/04 Living in Hawaii is the perfect opportunity to have a hula girl party.  My daughter's turned out great. 

I attached the homemade invitation to a store bought hula skirt sets and the girls were asked to wear them to the party.  I purchased a lot of the d├ęcor items from local stores here but also ordered from Oriental Trading Company and alohafriends.com .  The party was outside, paper lanterns hung from all the umbrellas and of course we had Hawaiian music on. 

When the girls arrived I took a polaroid of them holding a ukulele and had another Mom glue them to the frames I had already made. I bought colored popsicle sticks made frames out of them and glued on various shells and glitter.  I looked up on the internet the girls Hawaiian names and wrote that on the top of the frame. I had cloth pareos (beach cover ups) as tablecloths.

For a craft we strung paper leis.  It was to hard to collect 100 plumeria flowers so I precut colored paper flowers.  I also cut straws in quarters and alternated flower/straw (you can also add beads). 

After lei making we played several games.  We played Pin the Monkey on the Palm Tree (OrientalTrading), Coconut Bowling (got 3 pineapples and a coconut or ball), had a Hula hoop contest, played Pass the Pineapple (musical chairs), walked on lava (my husband made a line on the grass with leftover ice from cooler, and lastly had a plumeria picking contest.  The girls were entertained and had a blast. 

Everyone worked up an appetite, I served rainbow goldfish for snacks in husked coconuts.  Lunch was simple: sesame teriyaki chicken skewers w/ peanut sauce,(precooked the night before and warmed in oven) cold pasta salad w/ spinach, capers, olives& feta. Of course fresh pineapple boats and strawberries.  We had small bottle waters w/ colored umbrella straws (PartyCity). After lunch a friend came over and taught hula-which was so pricesless. 

We ended the party with the Hula girl pinata stuffed w/ plumeria pens, slipper paper pads, Hawaiian tattoos, and a little candy. The cake was a beach scene w/ plastic palm trees and 4 plastic hula girls.  It had Hau'oli La Hanau (Happy Birthday in Hawaiian) w/ her Hawaiian name on the cake. 

The party was 3 hours long, whuch went by quickly.  Just before the girls went home everyone picked a pre-wrapped gift for all being winners in the games.   I think the key is to a sucessful party is to pre-plan and be organized.  All the things I did were easy and relatively inexpensive.  I shopped at PartyCity, OrientalTrading and Pricebusters (local store).

The girls left w/ goody bags filled with their pinata findings, a homemade lei, a shell frame with their picture and Hawaiian name on it, a small gift and the hula skirt they wore to the party.  What a blast and a day to remember !!

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