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Luau Party 5yr - Hawaiian Names




Christina in North Easton, MA USA


January 2006


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 5th birthday in January, we decided on an indoor luau with about a dozen of her female friends attending.  This party was so much fun to plan! 

For invitations, I downloaded a bamboo-style (free) typeface and wrote "Aloha!  Hula on over to the Island of Isabel for her Fifth Birthday Celebration!"  Also included was the luau date, time (11-1), location, along with the words "Tropical Attire Encouraged!".  This was printed on an 8 1/2" x11" sheet of scrapbook paper with a beach border.  I found pretty 'photo' stickers of tropical scenes at AC Moore and stuck these to the outside of the envelopes. 

When the guests arrived to the party, there was Hawaiian music on the stereo (from library). I had out nametag stickers with a hibiscus border (Oriental Trading) and on them was written each girl's Hawaiian name.  They were given their nametag and a hibiscus flower clip (OT) for their hair.  They were then asked to put their gift into the 'volcano'---a play teepee was turned into a volcano by putting some red tissue paper on the top to look like flames.  In the entry way, a blow-up "Aloha" (O.T.) hung from the ceiling and 'torches' (wrapping-paper rolls with colored "flames" stuck to the top) and a string of Tiki lights (already owned) accented the area.  Other rooms were decorated with leis, additional tiki lights and 'torches'. 

The girls were directed into the dining room to make their own flower lei necklaces (from O.T.).  The table was covered with a white tablecloth and along the center was scattered luau confetti (iparty) & white shells (owned).  Colored leis (owned) hung from the chandalier.  Also on the table were colored plastic margherita glasses (owned) filled with either multicolored Goldfish or skittles.  Two fruit platters in big white 'shell' bowls were set out for nibbling and included grapes, canned pineapple chunks, watermelon chunks and sliced star fruit.  Drinks (Hawaiian Punch & Capri Sun juice pouches, bottled water and lemonade) were in a cooler filled with ice and plastic frozen ice 'cubes' in the shapes of starfish, seahorses, dolphins and fish.   On a side table, I had a real pineapple with a couple of luau-themed Mylar balloons tied to it as well as a stuffed-animal pig (b/c every luau needs a pig!). 

Once the girls had finished their leis, they were told that they were going on a jungle safari.  The music was switched to luau 'party' music (Hawaii 5-O theme song, etc) and the girls ran though an obstacle course made up of things we already owned (a long play tunnel, a portable slide, a mini-trampoline, a little ball pit).  In the ball pit, they were instructed to 'grab a coconut' (ball) and bring it back into the other room.  Once there, they had to kick the coconut into the 'volacano' (teepee) and then sit on the 'boat' (couch).  A blue tarp was spread out and colorful play silks were used as mock surfboards while we then played 'freeze surf', removing one silk at a time until they were left giggling on one silk. 

After this, they went back into the dining room and made a door-hanger craft with fish foam stickers and glitter glue.  Some girls also played a flamingo ring-toss game (OT).  Lunch began with traditional 'poi' made out of applesauce tinted a purple-y/gray.  The girls were told they could eat with their fingers to be more 'authentic'.  Lunch was grilled chicken, Macaroni-and-shells (with American cheese 'fish' cut out with a cookie cutter and placed on top) & blue jello (made with gummie fish swimming throughout). 

The cake was a hula girl cake (Wilton doll mold cake) standing on top of a sheet cake decorated to look like the beach with brown sugar and crushed graham crackers 'sand'  & blue frosting 'water'.  After eating and opening gifts, the girls were given a little hibiscus 'bag' and colored sunglasses (both from OT).  They then opened a 'pull string' pinata (OT) filled with candy and Oriental Trading's luau mix of bracelets and other small toys; their bags were used to carry the candy home.  They then took a photo, one-by-one, with the birthday girl which will be mailed with their thank you notes.  Overall, I kept the costs down by trying to use things we already owned. Also, because a luau is a fairly popular party for adults & kids, I was able to borrow some decorations from family and friends.

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