Tropical Luau Party

Hawaiian Beach Party 11yr - Sponge Relay




Meredith in Attleboro, Ma, USA


June 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter is turning 11 years old, and we decided to have a Hawaiian theme at our local State Park.  We rented a large site which is set back away from the road and other people.  This only cost us $8.00 for the whole day! We invited 7 girls and w/ my daughter it will make 8.  We will be swimming at the lake which has a beach, playing games and BBQing. 

Our local dollar store has a party theme every summer and this summer it happened to be Hawaiian.  We purchased everything they had to offer(tableware,grass skirts,blow up flamingos/palm tree's etc).  I will be decorating the house w/ mainly all the stuff b/c the girls will be sleeping over.  At the site I will put up tropical colored balloons, Hawaiian themed stakes that you stick in the ground, and tableware for the picnic tables. Each girl gets a plastic cup w/ a Tiki guy on it which will also have an umbrella and tropical straw.  The chips and other food will most likely be served in beach buckets or colorful bowls.

****FOOD**** Burgers, Hot dogs and wingettes marinated in a teriyaki sauce.  We will also have pineapple slices for the burgers for a tropical flare. Drinks will be Hawaiian Punch and soda.  The food will be pretty basic b/c they are only 11 years old, and they  can be VERY picky!

****GAMES**** I have a ton of games that I have taken from this site as well as books and old standbys.  Water balloon toss, 3 legged race, water sponge relay(2 teams w/ water in bucket and you must fill jug to designated line w/ colored water by squeezing water from sponge into jug), water balloon hot potato(poke small hole in water balloon and pass around until its empty.last person holding it is out), toss pennies into muffin tin set on picnic table, knock down mini tiki cups($store)w/ small balls or bean bags, beach ball relay(beach ball between knees and you race down and around cones and back in two teams, sticker tag(blank paper on back and each girl gets a sheet of stickers. Person w/ least stickers on back when all sheets are used is winner),

Balloon stomp(balloons tied to ankles and u have to pop others w/out getting yours popped 1st), bubble gum in whipped cream in pie plate(find gum and blow bubble first), Limbo, water balloon spoon race, tug of war over baby pool filled w/ water, baby pool filled w/ sand and shells hidden and girls are blindfolded and they are given 1 min to find as many shells as they can. The one w/ the most wins.  These are some of the games I have. We will also have a huge blow up soccer ball they can play w/, a set that came w/ volleyball, badminton and horseshoes which we will set up.  My co worker has a trampoline that she is going to let me set up since they are moving and have it down at the moment. Of course swimming at the lake!

****CRAFTS**** The girls are going to tie pieces of fabric around the plastic part of the flip flops, tie dye shirts that we will have written their names in Hawaiian on, paint a tropical picture frame that they will get to put a photo that I take of them from the party, and they are making their own leis from a fun foam kit I purchased at Michaels.   If this wasn't enough fun for you then head back to our house b/c the girls will end the day w/ a mini spa.  I purchased 2 foot massager's from the Salvation Army(both for $8)and we are borrowing one from a friend.

I will set up 3 beach chairs that recline and that will be one station(when done soaking they will paint each others toes), the 2nd will be where they put on their own face masks and relax and talk for 10 min, the 3rd will be the nail station where the girls give each other manicures. One gets done and then they switch. I will have little treats around(candy, mini desserts) and melted chocolate so they can dip fruit in it like a fondue. All this will end w/ make your own pizzas(if they are hungry) which will have ham and pineapple as well as other toppings.  The cake which will be done at the Park will be an Angel food cake cut so there are 3 layers and in between layers will be a filling made w/ pineapple mixed in w/ the juice w/ Vanilla pudding and cool whip and topped w/ fresh fruit.

****PARTY FAVORS**** Obviously they will take home the shirts, flip flops, picture frames, leis, flower hair clips, grass skirts, sunglasses(found cool ones for 1.67 at walmart for 8), rainbow colored chalk($.88 @Walmart), huge bubble wands($1.00 @Walmart), Squishy ball type things($.88 @Walmart) and this is all going into a bucket that my daughter chose from Michaels($1.00). This party is a bit pricey, but not too bad.  I figure it would cost this much or more at a YMCA or water park, and they get to do much more at this party! I hope it doesn't rain!!!!!

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