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Superman Party

Superman Party 6yr - Pin the S on Superman




Joan in st. paul, MN USA


January 2008


Honorable Mention

We had a superman party for my son's 6 year old birthday.  His birthday is January 3rd and we live in a cold state so I always get a little nervous about having kids(especially a group of rowdy boys) indoors for a party but this worked very well. 

We started by having the guests color a superman coloring page (gotten from the internet before the party) as we were waiting for everyone to arrive. This was a nice way to get everyone focused and make introductions.  

After they finished, my husband taped each picture to the wall and we took a picture of everyone with all the pictures after they were done.  It was a nice photo opportunity. 

I passed out cards(a 1/2 sheet of paper I had folded in half) labeled superman training course" to each one of them after they put their picture on the wall.  Inside the cards  was a list:  1.  Secret Identity(this is where I put their name)

2. Leaping over tall buildings 

3.  Strong enough to bend steel

4.  Faster than a speeding bullet 

5.  X-ray vision 

6.  Saves citizen from danger

7. Kryptonite challenge. 

They were instructed they had to complete each task in order to become superman (or supergirl for the girls).  The kids had so much fun.  For leaping over tall buildings climb over a mattress and walk a balance beam(a small 2X4 my husband had in the shed and grab a piece of "kyrptonite" out of the garbage can race back and put it in the "lead box".  They had to do this two times as fast as they could and then tag the next person in line.  After all the kryptonite was out of the box my husband a.k.a Superman recovered.

We played a superman version of pin the tail on the donkey for the xray vision task.  This was easy to make.  I just brought a coloring picture of superman to the copy store and enlarged it to poster size then colored it in blacking out the superman emblem.  My son  helped with that part.  The red tagboard emblems they leaped for earlier were used for this. 

For 'saving a citizen from danger' my husband used blue tape to make wheels and headlights on a a storage crate and we had one of the party guests sit in the car as a 'citizen'.  Then my husband put some crazy wig on and pretended to chase the car.  Each trainee had to push the car across the floor away from the 'bad guy' to complete the task.  Everyone got a turn to be a citizen and to push the car.  We put a small rug under the 'car' to make it slide better and to protect the floor. 

For the last task we sent them on a treasure hunt with 6 clues directing them to different parts of the house where the next clue was hidden.  This was nice becase some of them were able to read the clues and everyone worked well as a team.  The 'treasure' was a box wth superman  masks with clothespins painted black(black cryptonite) and we played drop the clothespin in a bottle with these although we called the bottle a lead box. 

After each task I made a little show of taking their cards and checking off that they had completed each task so by the time we were done everyone had all the items checked off.  Then played the superman theme music lined them all up and congratulated them on completing the course. 

We told them they had earned the title of superman or girl and gave them their uniforms-capes I had found on discount.  Prior to finding the capes I was just going to give them towels and clip them with a clothespin which I think  would have been fine and tape an S to their shirt.  I'm not a sewer but you could make the capes too.  I made a big deal when I presented each child with a cape and told them how well they did in all the tasks etc. like a real ceremony.  Then we had everyone pose in their capes and had another good photo opportunity. 

After presents we had them hit a pinata(the planet Krypton) which we had every intention of making but it got too late so I bought a basketball pinata from the store and covered it with green streamers.  After that it was cake and ice cream.  My brother in law made the cake out of a 9X11 rectangle and cut 2 triangles off the bottom  corners and rearranged the triangles to make the shape of the superman emblem and frosted it accordingly. It looked fantastic.

For decorations we had one room the was the 'fortress of solitude' and draped the whole room with white streamers one room was the cryptonite room and that was draped in green streamers and then we just used some superman decorations I had got from the party store and red yellow and blue streamers plates napkins and forks. 

For party favors I handed out superman party bags(from the party store) after the pinata broke for them to put their candy in and everyone got to keep their capes and also a glow stick that was part of the faster than a speeding bullet challenge.  It was very successful and all the kids seemed to have a great time."

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