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Superman Party

Super Hero Training 3yr - Superman T-shirts




Maggie in Sand Springs, OK US


September 2007



When my son turned three he was VERY into Superman, so we had a Superhero Training Camp party, emphasis on Superman, for him.  The guests ranged in age from 18 mos to 8 yrs.  And everyone loved it. 

For the invitations I found a clip art Superman S" and printed it on card stockIt's Time for Superhero Training Camp.  All New Heroes Must Report to Camp at (time and Date).  Come to the Justice League Training Center located at (our address). 

When each child arrived I gave them their goody bags in advance because it had things they would need for the party.  The first thing I had them get out was their training "uniform".  I had pre-made Superman t-shirts using iron on "s" logos and then I velcroed red dish towels to the back for the cape.  All the kids LOVED their uniforms (and still wear them). 

Then I had stations of activities set up.  At the first station we had a stuffed cat in the tree that the superheroes in training had to save.  The big kids loved climbing the tree (with 2 large males under the tree in case of falls). For the smaller kids my husband just lifted them into the tree to get the cat.  They just loved sitting in a tree. 

At the next station they had to "get" Lex Luther.  My mother-in-law had an old mannequin that was just a flat wooden cut out man.  She dressed him in a black suit painted an evil face on him (thin mustache etc) put on a hat.  Then the kids had silly string in their bags to "get" him with.  The older kids wore a scarf and played it like pin the tail on the donkey but the younger ones just sprayed him. 

At the next station we had a Kryptonite toss done with green water balloons.  The last station was an obstacle course.  We stacked straw bales for them to climb over as "leaping buildings in a single bound" then my husband made a "bat cave" out of two sheets of plywood painted black.  The kids had to crawl through the bat cave.  Then we staked a cargo net out as a spiderweb the kids crawled under. 

And the last was they had to cross over the hot lava (what three year old doesn't play hot lava).  We filled a kiddie pool with water dyed red with food coloring and dry ice for bubbles and smoke.  Then we laid a board across for the kids to walk over.  They thought that was the best part of the entire party. 

For the cakes we had a bakery cake with the "S" logo on it.  The kids got to keep their goody bags with shirts capes etc.  They also contained Superman fruit chews Spiderman candy and Superman projector rings I got from Birthday Express. 

After the party for thank you notes I printed up Certificates issued by the "commissioner" on their completion of Super Hero Training Camp.  It is 4 months later and I still get calls on the party.  And when the kids got their certificates they thought they really were superheroes.  It was SO much fun my son loved every minute of it!"

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