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Superman Party

Superman Party - Super Hero Capes




Lori in Greenwood, Indiana, USA


June 2001


Honorable Mention

Superman Birthday Party

We ordered the invitations, plates and napkins from a party supply. Then I found inexpensive red fabric at the local fabric store. With pinking shears I cut out a cape for each child and attached red ribbon with my sewing machine. (If you really wanted to, you could cut holes instead and lace the ribbon through.)

We used a Superman logo we found online and printed it onto transfers and had a shield on each cape. 

For games we painted a bunch of large rocks with fluorescent green paint, and then hid them in the yard. The kids played find the kryptonite.  The one with the most at the end won.

Then I printed pictures of a couple of "bad guys, taped them to shish -kebob sticks and put them out on the lawn. The kids had a contest to see who could thrown the kryptonite closest to each of the bad guys. 

For a speed contest the kids put red, white or blue balloons between their legs, raced to a line and back.  We made our planet Krypton pinata by paper macheing a balloon and then wrapping it with green tissue paper and a few orange streamers to make it look like an asteroid after the planet exploded. 

We even topped the event off with Superman ice cream we found at the grocery store (red white and blue), and green punch.

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