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Superman Party

Superman Party 3yr - Red, White & Blue




Ginny in High Point, NC USA


October 2006



For my son's 3rd birthday we had a Superman Party. 

We started by making his invitations on the computer.  We took a picture of him in his Superman costume and with computer software put him on the front of the invitation. "Join us for a Super time". 

For the party we had games planned that were age appropriate.  We had a kryptonite hunt using green practice golf balls.  Once all of the kryptonite had been found the kids threw them at the villians that were scattered around the yard.(Pictures printed from computer and stapled to painted stirers and stuck in the ground) 

We had a kryptontie toss using green bean bags.  We painted Superman on plywood and cut holes in it for th kids to throw the kryptonite through.  I had a Justice League punching bag and an earth beach ball that the kids through hula hoops over as a ring toss. Ring around the Daily Planet. 

For the older kids we had an obstacle course set up for them to test their speed and strength.  To decorate I used plain red and blue plates, cups, tablecloths, forks and Superman napkins to help keep cost down.  We had balloons all over the backyard. 

Thanks goodness for warm fall days!  I had a Superman cake made using cake pan from Wilton.  It turned out GREAT!  Since we had so many people there, I make cupcakes using Superman cupcake liners as extras. 

We had blue tortilla chips and salsa, taco dip, pigs in a blanket, pizza wedges, cheese cubes, M&M's, mini sandwiches and of course the cake and ice cream. 

We made our treat bags as well using white lunch bags tied with red ribbon.  The guests received Superman fruit snacks, candy and red/blue suckers with tags attached that we made on the computer thanking them for coming to the party. 

Oh, for the adults they played Superman Trivia. It was fun seeing the adults try to guess all of the answers. I found all the questions on-line.  Just google Superman Trivia.

Everyone (12 kids 25 Adults) had a great time!  I can't wait to plan my next party!

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