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Superman Party

Superman 5yr - Super Hero Obstacle Course




Kathryn in Gordonsville, Va. U.S.A.


December 2004



For my 5 y/o son's birthday this past year, he chose Superman as the theme.  There aren't a lot of Superman items available at party stores, so we made many of the party decorations. 

Invitations:  we used red card stock to make a card w/ a cut out yellow Superman emblem on the front.  Inside the invitation read, " Calling all Super Heros! You are summoned to Superman Graham's house (date/time) (AKA The Fortress of Solitude) for a super cool birthday party!" 

We decorated using red and blue party plates/cups,  yellow napkins and red plastic tablecloth. (All found at a discount store for ~1.00 ea. Package), plus red, blue and yellow balloons and streamers outside on the deck and around the yard.  The two layer, round cake was chocolate (requested by bday boy) with yellow icing and the Superman symbol in red icing on top. 

I made the treat bags by going online to the DLTKkids website, printed off the Superman treatbag templates, and glued them together.  They were the perfect size, plus my son was able to really get into the planning by helping me cut out and fold and glue together the bags and the invitations. 

We also printed off Superman-themed thank you notes from this website which we included in the treat bags (inside we put Super Hero stickers/tatoos, some candy, foam finger-shooters,(looked like rockets) and little coloring books that we made from Superman coloring pages we printed off the DLTK website and a little pack of crayons. 

Activities included a Super Hero obstical course which we created in the backyard.  The guests had to complete the course which included walking across a "tight rope" (2x4 board laid on the ground), shooting villians (silly string --web shooters--to shoot down empty drink cans w/ villians pictures on them), lifting "weights" (we made dumbbells w/ paper towel tubes and styrofoam balls spray painted black glued onto the ends of the tubes), driving the "bat mobile" (Graham's battery-powered jeep) around a course set up in the yard, and finding and removing Krytonite rocks (golfball-sized rocks spray painted green) while wearing oven mitts and using kitchen tongs to prevent exposure to Kryptonite.  This was fun--not as easy as it sounds, especially for 5/6 year olds, but they loved it. 

After completing the course, everyone earned their super hero capes that I made using a simple pattern and red cotton fabric, and also a certificate of achievement we printed up for everyone. 

They also played pin the "S" on Superman, (my husband drew a great picture of Superman on posterboard, we used "S's" cut out of construction paper) and had a pinata shaped like a globe (Daily Planet). 

After pizza, cake and ice cream we openned presents and the kids all ran around playing in their hero capes until parents came to get them.  We were blessed with a beautiful September day for playing outside.

My son loved his party and the guests had a blast being Super Heros for a day!

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