Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea -6yr- Decorate Cookies




Stephanie in Richmond, Virginia US


February 2006


Honorable Mention.

This year we threw a princess tea party for my daughter's 6th birthday. She helped plan and make the food, pick out flowers and set the table. The main color of the decorations was lavendar.

I created a canopy in the dining room over the table by twisting crepe paper in an X and a + with the chandelier at the center. The table had a lavender, white and pink Disney Princess table cloth with a scroll pattern all through the middle, and my daughter tossed Disney Princess confetti with different pictures and crowns around the middle of the table. She chose a dozen pink roses to place in the center of the table.

My daughter set the table giving each girl a lavender plate, Disney princess napkin and cup, pink fork, spoon and knife, and a place card made by my daughter using perforated business cards and princess foam stickers. I also added pink, white and lavender flowers in a large arrangement in the foyer, a small lavender arrangement in the living room, and pink, lavender and blue balloons along the staircase in the foyer. Disney Princess music cds were background music throughout the party. The girls played in the backyard for a little while to wait for the guests to arrive.

Next was lunch at the dining room table. The menu consisted of cream cheese and crushed pineapple sandwiches cut into a flower shape; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into a heart shape (daughter's idea); mini pigs in a blanket using cocktail franks and canned crescent rolls (daughter's idea); watergate salad made with pistachio pudding, cool whip, marshmallows, and crushed pineapple; toothpicks with a piece of cheese and apple on them that my daughter thought up and made; and pink punch made using cherry and fruit punch Kool-Aid, Sprite and vanilla ice cream served from a large glass punch bowl.

When everyone was finished eating, we headed onto the patio and did a craft. The girls decorated door hangers I cut out of pink and lavender poster board that had a little glitter in the paper. They used a bucket of princess foam stickers, silver stickers, markers, and crayons. The girls all helped clean off the table when they were finished to make way for the next project.

Each girl got to choose a large flower or heart cookie to decorate. I bought a tube of pink cookie icing and assisted each girl with squeezing it out onto their cookies in any design they wanted. Then they added different color sugar sprinkles. After everyone ate, they cleared their plates off the table, and we went inside to sing and cut the cake. I made a crown shaped cake with strawberry cake mix because my daughter wanted a pink cake. We sang and ate cake.

Then my daughter passed out the goodie bags. Each bag was a canvas purse with a sequin-like design on the front. Inside was a crown shaped soap, a princess pencil and eraser, a princess sticker book, a princess mini comb, a princess band aid, and a crown or diamond chocolate lollipop I made in pink and lavender.

Last was the pinata. We all headed outside to hit the pink and lavender teapot pinata filled with plastic rings and bracelets, silver and gold coin bubblegum and strawberry tootsie rolls. Each girl used their goodie bag purse to collect the "jewels" and "money". We sent each girl home with a balloon.

Everyone had a lot of fun including all the moms that decided to stay and enjoy the festivities.

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