Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea -2yr- Chocolate Strawberries




Belle's mom in CA


April 2006



Princess Belle Tea Party  -  I'm planning my daughter's second birthday party.  It will be a Beauty and the Beast Tea Party.

For the invitations, I used Photoshop and made them look like an open scroll, with Belle and ballroom in the background a little faded. " Be our guest, to a fairy tale celebration, and all the info.  I'm setting up a children's sized table, with Beauty and the Beast tablecover, partyware,paper doilies, fresh roses, silver platters with cut sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, cream puffs.

I purchased two Mrs. Potts tea sets.  It's so adorable.  The tea pot makes boiling sounds, and phrases like: "Isn't this a beautiful day?"; I "love enchanted castles". The best part, is that they include a plastic cover on the batterie,so you can actually put liquids inside the pots. We'll use apple juice. The tea cups, have the chipped detail, like in the movie. 

I'm using pink tulle to drape around the table.   A castle background drop will be behind the table with pink and purple baloons. 

Also, for each girl I have a place card and a silver purse with jewlery, I purchase at the 99c store.  I also got  wands and tutus by the dozen  for the other girls, but if they have something, I encouraged them to come in princess attire.

I purchase  Belle dress on ebay for my daughter  and it's so beautiful! My mom got a princess tiara from cookie lee for her. I plan on using the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and putting on the Be our guest sing along, for the girls to dance around.

The cake I got, is a 1/4 sheet cake with an 8 inch round cake on top. It's decorated with all the princess, but Belle figure is on top of the round cake. 

I'm having sandwiches and chips for the adults. I'm sure they'll have their tea, dance around, come in and out playing outside in the playhouse and swing set.  I can't wait!

Thanks for reading my idea, I looked up tea parties on this site and when shopping for tea sets, found the Mrs.Potts which I was perfect because we love Beauty and the Beast and brought the whole thing together.

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