Princess Tea Party

Princess Garden Tea -3yr- Tea in the Tent




Jessica in Toledo, OH, USA


January 2005



My daughter loves to dress up as a princess and have tea parties...what better idea for her 3rd birthday then a "Princess Garden Tea Party".  I was so excited to plan this party; I am still getting compliments so I thought I would share my ideas. 

The invitations were done using lace print paper in which we used a monotype corsiva print, we announcement the Princess Mackenize requested their presents for a Garden Tea Party.  Everyone was to come dressed in formal wear.

We set the stage in the front yard of my mom's 2 acre country home, we have a long driveway so as the girls arrived, the princess' father (who was dressed in a suit and tie) announced the girls to the rest of the guests....like Princess Tori from Oregon, then Princess Kaitilyn from Catawba Island...etc...once all the girls arrived we had a fashion show, were Princess Mackenize presented each girl with a hat, purse, jewelry and lipstick, we then took pictures of each girl with the birthday girl.

After the fashion show we had each girl paint their own tea cups and saucer (found at a local craft store).

Then it was time for tea, Mackenize's grandfather had made them a tent to hold their tea party...we used yards of pink tulle as the tent cover so they could see outside but have the gentle pink tulle blowing in the wind.  I dressed up as the servant, the girls came and sat at small tables (purchased at big lots for $3.99 for a table and chairs) the tables were decorated with small vases of red roses, and pink roses, we had linens on the table as well as linen napkins.

The girls were able to use my silver tea set which my husband's grandmother had given to us, we had all the girls sit and be served their tea. I purchased espresso cups and plates for the girls to use as their tea cups and saucer, perfect for small hands. 

They were served raspberry ice tea; they could add sugar or lemons.  We had plates of cookies and fancy foods ...the girls sat and drank their tea with their jewelry, hats, and fancy dress' on. They giggled and talked for a long time.  We took alot of cute pictures of the girls interacting with each other.

Once they were done with tea, they moved into the next "room" another tent, where we had birthday cake (which I made individual cupcakes decorated with tiny flowers, or crowns). We videotaped the whole thing and made copies of it for all the little princess who came that was sent to them in their thank you for coming to Princess Mackenize's Garden Tea Party along with a bag of tea to remind them the fun they had at the party.

For goodie bags, they had received their purses', necklaces, hats, then they also got the picture they took with the birthday girl when they arrived in a Disney Princess picture frame we just printed the pictures off the computer. They got to take home the tea cup and saucer they painted and a small tea set of their very own. All the girls had some much fun we have since went to 3 other "Princess Garden Parties". It made all the little girls feel grown up and special.

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