Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -5yr- Pink & Purple




Sarah in Exmouth, Western Australia


June 2003



5yr Princess Tea Party  Firstly many ideas I got were from this site so thanks to all that have helped make my daughters day !

Invitations I printed up on the computer, into double sided cards. On the front was a fairy and a scroll, with the scroll reading Hear Ye ! Hear Ye ! All the princesses of the land, Princess <insert childs name> you are invited to a royal tea party to celebrate Princess <birthday girls name> 5th birthyear ! The girls really enjoyed seeing their names ion print being called a princess ! inside the card was a castle on the right hand side. The banner across the top said "The <insert last name> Kingdom, and the center of the castle was all the details of the day: Castle Bolton, Date, followed by adress, then carriages to arrive by <time> and return at <time>. Then read please be enchanting and wear your best princess dress.

All around the card were hearts, with text inside that told of some of the things to look forward to,games, food etc. On the left inside panel there was princess and a teapot and inside the teapot it said that Kings and Queens were welcome to stay for cahmapgne or tea, and watch their little princess play. there were more hearts etc around with teasers. Along the bottom of the card there were dancing teapots and cups and saucers which looked really cute ! On the back there was a castle banner that read Thankyou, RSVP, parents names, and phone numbers. I cut the cards out using fancy scissors and inside each card place some  metallic heart confetti and a few fake jewels.

Envelopes were hand made ( I couldn't get a store one the right size) and I drew gold hearts all over and wrote Princess <name> on the front of each. The back was sealed with a princess sticker. Along with the invitation I printed of the disney site a cinderall coloring sheet, and wrote on the bottom, please bring to the party to win a prize ! (of course every girl was to recieve an award best colouring, most colours, funniest etc) The coloring page was rolled up and tied with pretty ribbon. Everyone commented on how nice the invites were !

Before the day I made a princess hat for each girl. I used pink cardboard sheet, white tulle and assorted coloured ribbons, and gold sequin string around the base, These were made into the cone shaped damsel type hats. I used hat elastic to secure, which was left undone on one side, and made to measure as each princess arrived. Although time consuming the hats looked fabulous and were a big hit. Each girl took their hat home at the end of the party. I made the birthday girls hat out of gold cardboard so she looked just a little more special.

Around the party room I put up several strings of fairy/xmas lights, and my husband used the spare lights to make a letter H (my daughers inital) on one wall. I used bright pink crepe paper to cover one wall and used that as a backing to display all the girls colouring in. I made bunting flags out of the left over card from the hats, each with a gold heart in the middle. There was enough of these to cover 2 walls.

I also used the left over pink card into arches that extended all down one wall behind the party table, also decorated with gold hearts which gave the room a castle feel. It worked out quite well as when I made the hats I cut out a semicicle from each one, so the pink arches ment no wastage ! I also had pink metallic heart cutouts that I purchased in the center of each archway. There was an archway on the front door, and I wrote on in gold welcome to all princesses, please come in ! and tied pink and purple pearl balloons to the centre. There was a bunch of pink/purple ballons hanging from the ceiling above the party table, which was 2 tables joined together because I wanted the girls to be able to all sit down together !

On each chair there was tied a hellium heart shaped balloon (red,white,pink,purple)with a whole bunch of hellium ballons tied on the birthday girls chair. I had intended to make her chair into a throne but ran out of time ! Anyhow table cloths, napkins, plates were a matching pink heart design. Each girls place setting had a doilie place mat, and a china tea cup and saucer that I bought from a op-shop really cheap. None matched but the it still looked great and it wouldn't have mattered if any got broke. (which none did) Also on the table I had planted flowers into some old tea pots and also placed a bunch of pink/red silk roses into. To the handle I tied more hellium heart balloons.

On the windows I used stickees hearts, red and white. There was also a happy birthday banner in silver and pastles that ran across the back wall. I made a 2 tier heart shaped chocolate birthday cake (bottom pink), with the top heart (purple) smaller, and had a miniture china tea set placed around the edge. The cake was edged with pink and purple sparkly ribbons, and from the centre of the cake were red pink white and purple hearts on wires and more bows which was easy and very specatcular looking ! I used sparklers when it was time to sing happy birthday, followed by real candles due to popluar demand. The food was all white red and pink. Mostly various pretty biscuits, jam tarts, and sweets. I tried not to over do it so the girls had room for cake. In tea pots we had chocolate and strawberry milk, which the girls drank out of their china tea cups.

For games we had princess pass the parcel, where before you could open the layer there was a card stuck on that had a princess question. i.e Name the princess who lives under the sea etc. There were some layers that required them to act like a princess, eg bow like a princess, skip like a princess. This just gave the game a bit more flavour and last a bit longer.

Other games were kiss the frog prince, this is where I had drawn a frog on green card, cut out and stuck him onto white card. Made a gold crown with jewels so he was a froggy prince. The girls took turns in putting on lipstick, blindfolded then had to try and kiss him on the lips. Closest to lips was the winner, the prize being a glittery beanie frog ! We had princess bobs and princess statues - (just regular rules).

At this point things were getting quite full on so to break it up we went outside to do the pianata. We made a heart shaped pianata, ( paper mache over a heart balloon) filled with wrapped sweets, and pink and silver metallic heart shaped confetti. The pianata was pink of course with gold hearts drawn on. It looked great.

Then we went in and had the food as it was a blustery day. We then played walking like a princess with a game of walking with a book balanced on your head. See who could go the furthest. I bought a book for each child about a princess, and wrapped it in pink paper with ribbons so each girls prize was the book itself.

We played pass the teapot, where a pink plastic tea pot was filled with sweets, and passed around the circle. When the music stops whoever is holding the teapot is out and choses a sweet out the teapot. Winner is whoever is left holding the teapot. I was going to have teacup relay but the attention span of the 5 year olds was waning so instead we went outside and each girl got a little bubble blower and blowed bubbles/chased them.

By then it was home time. I printed out thankyou goody bags from the disney site which looked faulous and used fluffy chenelle pipecleaners in pink and purple for handles. Heart stickers, red white and pink candy, a packet of heart candy with little sayings on them, and a pink braclet were the favours. They also got a bag of pink fairy floss (cotton candy). So were pretty loaded up with those, plus hat, book and other prizes. The prize basket had things like heart candles, icecream cone shaped sidewalk chalk, bead sets in it.

The mums and dads enjoyed champagne on arrival and then tea/coffee and scones with jam and cream. I have to say it was an effort, but WELL worth it and everyone commented on it !  Hope this inspires others, and thankyou to everyone who contributes to this site and makes it what it is !!

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