Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -6yr- Kiss the Frog




Barbara in Fort Scott, Kansas 66701


July 2003



I had a Princess Tea Party for my daughter for her 6th birthday.

She really loved the Disney princesses, so for 6 of her friends and the birthday girl too, I made 7 "dress up" ballgowns for the girls to dress in for a very special tea party. I bought yards of satin material at a discount store for $1.00 a yard (one yard made one dress), and made simple sleeveless shifts that they could slip over their clothes. I used wide ribbon from the craft aisle to make sashes for all the dresses. I made a blue and yellow dress for Snow White, a yellow dress for Belle, a blue dress for Cinderella, etc. 

I puchased porcelain tea cups from a local dollar shop and I had an old flowered teapot they used for the tea party.  I also purchased tiaras and scepter sets at the dollar shop as party favors for the "princesses" to wear. My daughter had plenty of play jewelry to bedeck everyone.  When the girls arrived, two other moms who served as "Fairy godmothers" helped the girls to dress, do their hair and makeup, and to decorate their own "Royal Banners" (simple squares of fabric hotglued to a dowel rod with gold cord tied to each end to hang it.

They used stamps, glitter glue, and tulip paint to design thir own royal pennant. While some of the girls were doing that, I took two of them at a time into the kitchen, where we made caramel apples, and decorated them with star sprinkles or M&M minis. (the apples werre courtesy of Snow White of course).

After everyone was dressed, had made their banner, and their apple, we played "Kiss the frog prince" (a poster board with a large frog face, and the girls got to put on RED lipstick and try to kiss the frog blindfolded. The closest got a jeweled necklace with magic potion that could turn the frog into a price.  The other girls got bags of magic fairy dust (glitter) to use later (outside!). 

We also played pass the poison apple, and the winner received copy of "Snow White" golden book from the Dollar Shop. The others got to pick a piece of candy from the treasure box.

Finally we sat down to the tea party where the Birthday girl got to serve pink lemonade from her teapot to the other "princesses" and the fairy godmothers served pink cupcakes individual cups of rainbow sherbert, goldfish (courtesy of Ariel), cheesy crackers, etc. I played the Disney princess CD as the birthday girl opened her presents, and then the girls danced to music until it was time to go. (I had rented the movie Cinderella too, but we ran out of time. Who says you can't make your own fun?! 

My daughter loved dressing up and the girls got to take their crowns and teacups home. We put their teacups in their goody bags filled with hershey's kisses, and a bag of Princess gummy snacks. I always dread when she would come home from parties with so much candy, so I tried to give somethings they could keep, like the tea cup they would play with again, and the tiaras.

She loved the party, and I'm glad I went to all the trouble. It was a memorable birthday!

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