Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea -7yr- Party Pinwheel Sandwich




Lorri in Yuba City, California, USA


March 2003



Pricess Tea Party (7 year old): For my daughters 7th birthday we had a princess tea party. 

INVITE: We called each guest to personlly invite, and they were asked to wear their best tea dress to the party. 

DECORATIONS:  We decorated with lavendar and pink balloons & streamers throughout the living room & dining room.  The table was set with a lavendar table cloth, lavendar plates, fresh flower centerpiece, doily placemats, and each guest had their own teacup to drink from, which they got to take home(teacups were purchased from Birthday Express). 

PARTY:  As each guest the were given a crown (made from lavendar & pink heart garland & curly ribbon), boa, ring & bracelet (purchased from the $1 store). 

GAMES:  Next, the sat at the coffee table (our craft station) and began working on some coloring pages I had set out, each page had a tea related picture. 

Then we played musical chairs to the tune of "I'm a little teapot", next "Snow Whites" sleeping apple game (each guest sat in a circle, then they passed around an apple, when the music stopped the guest with the apple in her hands had to go to sleep; the game continued until there was one winner. 

Then we played more music and the girls had to walk balancing books on their heads.  The last one balancing wasthe winner (we had a tie with this game.  All the little ladies had such fun. 

As a fun little kick, we decided to crown Allison (my daughter, the birthda girl) queen for the day. She got a special crown placed on her head, then the guests were asked one at a time to present their gift to the queen by walking down a runner (we used a platic table cloth from the $1 store), handing their gift to the queen, then they had to curtisy.

After this, the queen thanked them and then handed them their party favor (which was a small purses, purchased from the $1 store, filled with a ring pop, candy necklace & stickers). The girls had so much fun preteding for the day.  Everyone was such a little lady. 

FOOD:  Now it was tea time.  Each guest sat at the table & was served tea, little peanut butter & honey sandwiches (without crust, cut into flower shapes), snikerdooles (also flower shaped), chocolate covered bananas, a fresh fruit salad and strawberry cream chesse wrapped in a flour tortilla then thinly sliced (party pinwheels). All of the food was served on fancy silver & crysal trays & dishes.  Tea was served with lots of cream & sugar.

After lunch, we served a "Disney Princess" cake with ice cream.  After lunch, each guest sat at the craft table again and made a beaded necklace with a beading kit we gave them.

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