Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -5yr- Royal Carriage




Kristelle in Highland, UT USA


July 2010


Special Mention

I believe that the invitations set the tone for the whole party! 

Invitations: Printed on Card-stock and folded in Half.  On the outside cover inside a fancy border and fun yet readable font it read: Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! By Order of the King and Queen Princess Rachel is Cordially Invited On the inside cover I had a big pink fancy princess clip art in the same style as the fancy border.  Then on the other side of the fold it read: To the Hampton Castle to celebrate  Princess Alayna's  Princess Tea Party!   

The Royal Tea Party Celebration will begin at High Noon! Saturday, the 17th of July!   The Queen has asked that you come dressed in your most royal princess attire   Upon your Carriage's arrival, you will be personally escorted up the Red Carpet and all princesses will be greeted at the door and will be presented with royal crowns!   We ask that all Princesses patiently wait their turn to  Stroll with the Handsome Prince! The royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies for the  Royal Tea Party Celebration.  There shall also be festivities including a  Royal Ball, Games and Fun for All!  Your Carriage will be ready at 2:30 in the afternoon when the celebration will conclude!  Please RSVP with the Queen Mother Kristelle if you plan to attend this Royal Gala. The Castle needs to plan for your arrival!  I then made it look like a purse.  I attached a small piece of pink ribbon to the back side of the invite on the open edge then wrapped it around and put a circle Velcro piece on the bottom side of ribbon then on top I put a clear Gem.  The other piece of Velcro attached to the front of the invite and served as a claps to the purse!  I then attached pink raffia handles!  We then hand delivered each one. 

All the girls loved these so much that one Mom told me that her daughter slept with hers the first night! I called one that didn't RSVP just to make sure that they were coming as they are out of town a lot.  The Dad answered the phone and he said that the Mom wasn't home  I asked if he by chance knew if she was planning on coming.  He said, THE princess party?  You mean the party that as soon as I walked in the door from my business trip was going nuts over?  He was bombarded with the new dress up dress that they bought for the special occasion and the gift etc  Oh, he said, I can confidently tell you that she WILL be there! Hahaha  Love it! I thought to myself, all I have to do is serve cake and they will be happy! 

Decorations: Leading up to the door was a red carpet" (red roll of plastic table cloth held down with bricks every 3-4feet) On the door I had what was labeled a mural buy fit nicely on the front door.  I had Dark pink "Princess Party!" at the top and a castle at the bottom  I was worried that it would clash with the red carpet but it actually looked really good! I bought it at Dollar tree!  Adorable!  In the house I set up a tea party table with hot pink polka dot and white table cloth.  Hot pink 6" paper plates with 4" doily's taped with double stick tape to the center circle!  I had two sets of these for each girl as one was for the cupcake and one was for the "Tea Food!" Pink plastic silverware and princess napkins bought at Dollar tree was laid out with a spray centerpiece.  I attached a plastic "glass slipper" to the center.  I wrapped strips of Hot pink tulle around the back spindles of the chairs with the large bow on the back. Balloons were tied to the birthday girls chair and around the house each child could take one home at the end of the party.   

As the girls arrived they were greeted at the curb and walked up the red carpet by my 12yr old son's friend.  They were then crowned with plastic gem tiara's following this they were sent to find Snow Whites poisoned apple that was hidden around the activity room downstairs. (Like an Easter egg hunt but with red apples tied with green ribbon)  You need to find the poison apple before Snow White  takes a bite! Hid the apple(s) with several more apples around the party space.  To play simply explain to the children that Snow white is going apple picking and one of the apples is poisonous. Can they find it? If you want to add more poisonous apples just tie more ribbons around the stems. I decided to make them all poisonous they loved it!  Several asked me if they were "real" poisoned apples!  Hehehe

After they all arrived I called my son who had my daughter the birthday girl in a "Royal carriage" (a decorated bike trailer) around the block.  I took all the girls outside to wait for their arrival.  I lined them up on each side of the "Red Carpet" and they were each given a popper streamer thing I think it's suppose to be a champagne bottle?  When she pulled up my son helped her out of the carriage and as they walked up the red carpet the girls popped the steamers at her!  It was so awesome!  She was lit up like a Christmas tree!   We then went in and started the tea party!  They were dead silent for many minutes taking in the scene and decorated table.  They were assigned servers (My 12yr old son and his friend my 10yr old daughter and her friend)  They were served their choice of either peanut butter and honey sandwiches or turkey and butter sandwiches. I found a sandwich cutter at Walmart that cut off the crust cut it in half and each half was shaped like elongated hearts!  Perfect!  It was placed on the pink doily plate with 3 cucumber slices two carrots and a bit of ranch dip a small sprig of grapes and a small amount of plain lays potato chips. 

Their servers served the tea (apple juice or Lemonade) in Plastic Disney princess tea cups and saucers from my daughters tea set.  (I bought an additional one to have enough for all 8 girls)  After they were done eating we had cupcakes that were wrapped in printable Cinderella and Ariel crowns that I found online.  Disney Go has a free printable site you can print and cut out beautiful crafts.  These were meant to be printed on card stock and for the head with stapled extensions.  I just omitted the extensions stapled the ends together and they fit perfectly around the cupcakes!  I made wands from this site as well!  We sang Happy Birthday and they each had a candle.  The birthday girl had a "5" in her cupcake!  These were also placed on the pink doily plates.  We then started the activities. 

Activities Included:
1) The girls primped using a floor length mirror and modeled their outfits.
2)  Make-up station put eye shadow lip gloss a little pixie dust & strawberry body spray  
3)  For another corner put pink nail polish on their fingernails and give them a princess bracelet and gem ring.
4)  Royal Ball- Dance -- Freeze Inform the kids that Snow Whites evil step mother is threatening to FREEZE the entire Kingdom!!! When the music starts they begin dancing until the "Evil Step Mother" (adult) stops the music. At which point they all freeze. Repeat this several times.
5)  Decorate princess fairy tale scene
6)  Oriental Trading -Pin the crown on the Princess -Oriental Trading
7)  Pass the poison apple Like Pass the parcel but whoever gets the apple when the music stops is out Disney princess tea party movie   

Games I thought about using but didn't -Sifting for Gems: This is one of those kid games that has a royal history. During the late 19th century each woman guest was invited to hold a handful of sand and let it sift through her fingers to find a precious gem left in her palm that was hers to take home. You can set up a similar game by getting a shoe box filled with clean sand or white cornmeal and bury inside a few plastic rhinestones. Have the Princesses and Princes take turns until they all have gems  Cinderella's Slipper Hunt The adults hide all of the children's shoes around the venue. The first child to find their pair of shoes is the winner! 

Favors:  tiara bracelets Lip gloss Jewel Rings stamps wands disney mini puzzle -dollar store  After the last activity the Disney princess tea party movie they were then taken home two at a time in the "royal carriage" they were utterly falling all over themselves when I announced this surprise!  This was simply done as all the girls were in the neighborhood.  It was more than a successful event that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime!  Of course as you can see we did do more than cake! :)                 "

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