Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party (2-5yr) Tea Sandwiches




Heather in Gaithersburg, Maryland USA


November 2010


Honorable Mention

Invites and Costumes In celebration of our both of our daughter's turning 2 and 5, we sent out Princess-themed invitations to our Tea Party Fit for a Princess.  

The invitation was a pink crown dressed with sparkly gems. Each requested that our little lady princess guest wear any princess type costume AND bring along a favorite doll or teddy bear. 

Decorations Our d├ęcor began with adorning our front lawn and steps with 3o pink plastic flamingos rented from a local party store. Shades of pink and pearlized white balloons lined the steps and entrance door to our home.  Once inside, each princess had their picture taken in a large zebra striped high heal shoe chair wrapped in a HUGE glittery pink sash and bow.  

Each girl then proceeded down a long, rose petal-covered, white carpet-like aisle runner that led them to our downstairs tea party.  The party room was filled with pink and white balloons that clung to the high ceiling. Three long child-sized tables were set up in the middle of the room and covered with pink lacy table cloths.  Each child-size chair was covered with white plastic sheeting and tied with a pink glittery ribbon sash to appear as wedding reception, covered chairs. 

The tables were set with pink and white china designed paper goods and each girl had a monogrammed plastic tea cup at her place setting.  The napkin holders were sparkling star-shaped sun glasses situated atop each plate.  The centerpieces consisted of silver tea pots filled with pink roses and white daisies as well as silver candlelabres filled with pink, unlit tall candles. The food tables had tiny bud vases filled with the same flowers and a porcelain tea cup" pink-shaded lamp  was set down in the middle of the spread. Food was served on silver and china trays.

Food and Cupcakes We made a variety petite tea sandwiches using all different breads-each cut out with princess-themed cookie cutters. We served cucumber-creamed cheese; lox lemon and dill; raisin-breaded cream cheese and jelly or butter; turkey and cheese; chicken salad and toast with bruschetta.  We made fruit kabobs on lollipop sticks as well as a mixed fruity salad. Veggie trays crackers pretzels and assorted cheeses along with spinach and hummus dips were displayed.

The dessert three-tiered trays consisted of scones decorated fancy chocolates traditional tea cakes and cookies purple grapes and strawberries.  The girls were passed their treats and fed pink and white frosted cupcakes. Sprinkles were set up on the tables so the girls could decorate their own cupcakes.  We served pink lemonade Capri Suns to the children and virgin strawberry dacs soda and tea to the adults. 

Activities and Crafts The girls finished their tea party food and were directed to the craft room. Decorate-your -own white purses purchased from Oriental Trading Company were passed out to each child. Foam princess-themed stickers fabric markers sticky gems and flowers were placed all around for easy access. The girls loved it!  The younger girls colored princess-themed coloring pages as well.

Our party room was filled with baby doll strollers kitchen play sets rocking chairs tea party sets doll houses and dress-up doll activities as well as a Little Tykes life-size castle to romp around in. Some of the older girls danced and played the freeze game to fun Hannah Montana and Disney music. 

Favors After an hour and a half the beautifully costumed girls lined up wearing their new purses and sparkly glasses to receive a spool of yummy pink cotton candy. We had rented the cotton candy machine for the day from our local party store and it was surely the hit of the party!  We sent our invitees home with a sugar high and a whole bunch of wet naps!  

Our two birthday girls had so much fun with all the glamour glitter glitz pink and fabulous friends they asked if they could have another party just like it--on the very next day!!!  "Hmmm we'll have to see about that I said!

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