Princess Tea Party

Disney Princess Tea Party -3yr- Magical Wand




Pamela in McAllen, Tx  USA


April 2009


Special Mention

INVITATION: I used a little Snow White diary party favor, I found in the clearance section at a local party store.  It was a pretty hard covered book with Snow White on the front cover.  I replaced it with my daughter's picture dressed as Snow White, since she was to be Snow White for her Princess Tea Party. I opened the book in the middle and glued down the blank pages of the diary on both sides. I had my husband type and print out the wording, using an old fashion font that read; Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a King and Queen and their two sons.  Then one day, not so long ago, their Princess Sophia was born. The royal family request your presence to help celebrate her special day.

On the other side of the page was all the party info. My husband also laminated the wording and I cut them to the size of the book then glued them down.  I cut and glued down the ribbon that was used to close the diary, as the book mark. The book could stand open and I placed it in a small clear lollipop bag and tied with a ribbon and I hand delivered them. I only needed to make eight invitations.

DECORATIONS: In the front of my house I had a balloon arch at the start of the walkway, made with party colors purple, white, gold, and pink. I used a pink plastic table cover roll as my isle runner up to the caslte doors.  I had an art teacher make me a castle front cover for my door entrance into our castle.  The Princesses arrived to the castle in style pulled by my oldest son, who would greet each princess and open and close the decorated pink tulled and flowered wagon. Once inside the castle I had decorated my dining room wall with a pretty disney ballroom wallpaper and had a round table for the princess tea party.  I used the Disney party -on- the- go pack for decorating the table which I got at the Disney outlet 75% off. It came with cups, plates decorated as tiaras, forks and spoon, and table cover and a tiara for 8 princesses.

As a center piece I found a crown piggy bank in Micheal's clearance area.  It had been sprayed with glitter and had a few gems on it.  I had a co-woker add on more gems and stones and put a big Snow White sticker on the front.  I then used it as a vase with a small bouquet of artifical flowers. I also had a food table with a punch bowl and little punch cups I used as tea cups. I used pink tulle to decorate and also laid out jewlry on the table. Balloons on string hang from the ceiling made it look real elegant.

ACTIVITIES: Once the Princesses had all arrived, I had a disney card table with 2 chairs in the front entrance for make-up application by my niece. The girls all waited patiently for their turn to get made up.  Once they were all dolled up, it was time for the photo shoot. I had stumbled upon a Disney magical talking throne and wand.  It was the perfect size for the girls.  It lit up and the wand activated the throne to say magical phrases. It was an instant hit with the Princesses and their moms. It was the best photo prop, with the ballroom background, they macthed perfectly. Each Princess took a turn sitting on the throne and having their picture taken and one with the birthday girl and all her Princess friends standing on either side of her.

ARTS&CRAFTS: I had given each girl a tiara and a wand to decorate with stickers, self adhesive gems and stones and stamps.  Each mom and daughter had a blast making their wands and tiara come to life.  

GAMES: I had a few games lined up for the girls, but as the moms tried to get this group of three year olds organized in a cirlce, the girls made up their own fun.  I had a Disney Tea Party cd playing in the background and the girls just started parading around with their tiaras on their heads and wands in hand.  It was a mix between ballet recital and a Princess parade/dance party.  They were having a ball doing their own thing.  I also had Princess puzzle floor mats and they hopped around on them as well. No organized play was needed.

FOOD: The Princesses were served by my two sons and my niece and her friend.  They had crecent rolls with bacon and cheese inside,grapes and strawberries,and yogurt covered pretzels. Tutti-Frutti punch was served as the tea. My daugther opend her presents while sitting on her throne and the girls all sat around her.

CAKE:I purchased a castle cake. It was a square two tier cake with four plastic columns one at each corner. On top of the cake was a castle shaped picture frame and on each columns was a Disney Princess and then Snow White was at the castle door and Princess Jasmine in the middle of the top layer.  It was beautiful and just the right size. I had also made cupcakes that were frosted white with pink sugar crystals.

I had a Disney Castle Pull-String Pinata for the Princesses to pull the magical string for the candy to fall out.  It was very different from beating a pinata to death. None of the moms had hear or seen such a pinata.  I really didn't know how to use it, I had the girls standing in line to take a turn at pulling a string. One mom suggested we have the girls all hold on to a string and pull at the same time and it looked cool to see the girls pulling all together in a circle.  They got a second chance because no one had the magical string the first time around.  The pinata is meant for about eight kids and it worked indoors as well since it had started pouring outside during our party. 

The Princesses left the royal gala with a Disney Crown shaped favor box with gold ribbon straps and a bow and filled with disney princess stickers,a wand,& tiara that I also purchased at the Disney outlet @ 75% off. It was a set for 4 so I got two.  I also filled the boxes with a ring pop,and disney princess shaped gummies, and another surprise find at Easter time from Walmart, were these pak of 8 purple wand lollipops with pink dipping crystals,I had never seen them before. It was a perfect find to add to the goodies box. My daughter is very shy, but on her special day, she was a true Princess along with her Princess friends. It was a magical experience for the girls as well as the moms. They played and danced and a royal good time was had by all.  They lived happily ever after, The End!

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