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Pretty Princess Tea Party 6yr




Heather in Dolton, IL USA


March 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter Heaven turned 6yrs old in Feb 09. She LOVES the Disney Princesses and the whole princess dress-up thing, then she fell in love with tea. She decided she wanted a tea party for her birthday and I decided to make it unique. 

Invitations: I got a Disney Princess clipart and attached it to a scroll like page on my computer and it read: Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Your presence is requested to attend Princess Heaven's 6th Royal Birthday on February 14, 2009 at Castle St.Cloud, RSVP with Queen Heather They were rolled up and handed out. 

Food: I made ham and cheese sandwiches (without the crust) and cut them into triangles, Disney Princess Graham Crackers, Puff Cheetos and Iced Tea. For the parents, I bought chicken and fries.  I set up my living room (pushed all furniture out of the way) with a table to seat 11 girls, a wall mural, Disney princesses dangling from the ceiling, and happy birthday princess signs on the walls. Each girl had a place setting with a real teacups (I bought from a second hand store for $.15 each), plate and napkins. The teapot (also from the second hand store, $2.50) was setup in the center of the table on a Disney Princess placemat. The table had a pink tablecloth with birthday confetti all over it to make it look festive.

As the girls arrived they were seated to color there Disney coloring sheet until all the others came. In each chair there was their goody bag full stuff.  

Activities & Games: After all the girls arrived my sister lined the girls up for their Pretty Princess Make Over. My older daughters and nieces were setup in another area to do the girls make-overs. I purchased a lip gloss for each little girl to use and take home, a pink and clear nail polish, and a bottle of body spray. One by one the girls went through the process. At the end of their make over, they then put on their tiaras and feather boas for a picture. I purchased a Disney Princess wall mural for ($19 at Party City) and used a long yellow plastic tablecloth to cover one wall of the living room and taped the mural on top of it like a picture backdrop, it was PERFECT! The girls got their make-overs then took a picture in front of the backdrop.

While my husband took the camera to CVS to print the pictures we played Pin the Crown on the Princess, Princess Freeze Dance, and Princess Bingo which I made on the computer. I set up each sheet like a regular bingo card but instead of numbers I used different pictures of all the Disney Princesses and their friends. Each winner of the games got prizes like, a dress-up set, Disney Princess Cards, and Disney Princess Puzzle. In between the games that required the kids away from the table, I had them to color a Princess Certificate that I made on the computer that read their name at the top Princess ??? And at the bottom it read, this certifies that ??? Colored this at Heaven's 6th Pretty Princess Tea Party on February 14, 2009. I added Ariel and flowers around the border and left a space in the middle for their pictures.

When my husband came back with the pictures, I cut them up to fit onto their certificates and used my laminating machine to laminate them for a personal memorable keepsake (the moms loved this one). Each certificate was colored by that child and was personalized with the girl's name and her picture they took in front of the mural.  

Instead of a cake, I bought cupcakes. Each one had rings shaped like lipstick, a shoe, a purse and crown. We lit 6 cupcakes in front of my daughter and sang happy birthday. After their cupcakes and ice cream we opened gifts. Then the parents came to pick them up.  My daughter and all her royal friends enjoyed EVERY MINUTE. The party lasted for exactly 3 hours like we planned. I purchased all of the favors except the cd came from Oriental Trading.com. 

Party Favor: Small pink paper bag (to make them feel like it was a shopping bag)enclosed tiaras, princess bubbles, princess crown suckers, candy bracelets, inflatable princess wand, feather boas, lip gloss, toy bracelet and a cd with 15 of my daughter's favorite children songs on it (the very first track was my daughter's voice saying: Hi, this is Heaven NaKohl Allen, thank you for coming to my Pretty Princess Tea Party for my 6th birthday, enjoy the music bye!) She said it all by herself! I made each cd and a label that had my daughter's name, the date of the party and the list of songs on it. The label was printed in pink and had gold and black symbols and writing on it.  It was a blast and very memorable!

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