Princess Tea Party

Disney Princess Tea - Pass the Poison Apple




Wendy in Palm Bay, Fl


October 2008


Special Mention

Invitation: I got scrapbook paper from Joanns Fabric for the invitations. I got 1 paper per princess.(each child had to come as the princess on her invitation) I got 3/8inch rods that were 16 in legnth and attached it to each side of the paper.

The invitation read "Hear ye! Hear ye! The King and Quen of (Birthday childs last name)Place hereby request your attention. You are hereby invited to the 4th Birthday tea party of their youngest daughter Princess (Childs full name). All Princesses are required to be in attendance.Only princesses in full royal attire will be allowed through the gates. Princesses to be in attendace are(List all disney princess friend except the on that your child is going to be)princesses must be on time!the royal gates will close at (time party is to begin) Please respond to this invitiation no later than the stroke of midnight on (last day to RSVP). I rolled up the scrolls and sealed them with princess stickers. My 4 year old and I hand delivered them.

Decorations: I ordered the disney princess ballroom scene setter and all the princess add on. I cleared everything out of my dining room and set up the scene. ( It was amazing!) I borrowed one of the U shaped pre-school talbles and eight chairs from my daughters pre-school.I used pink cloth table linen and pink cloth napkins. I bought the tea party tea cups and plates from family Dollar. I decorated them with princess stickers.There were tons of pink purple yellow and white helium ballons in the 4 corners.I tied one ballon to each childs chair and 4 to the birthdaygirls chair.  Outside we taped down a red carpet to the driveway (a roll of plastic table cloth from party city)and up the walkway. All the guests parked across the street.

ACTIVITIES: My 2 brother in laws dressed like palace workers gave the girls a carpet ride from their cars to the driveway. (A pre-school cot covered in red velvet fabric)This was great beacause none of the girls wanted to go inside and my daughter was down the street waiting to make her grand entrance. When all the girls had arrived my son wearing a suit came peddling down the street with a dome shaped attachment on the bike. (we borrowed it from the neighbor. It was one of those bike attachment things that you put on your bike so that your child can ride behind you and be protected from the sun or rain. It is domeshaped and has wheels) My 8 year old started out by saying wow who is that? Everyone shifted their attention to my son and the white dome-shaped thing he was trailing. My son stopped in front of the drive-way and his friend opened the entrance and helped my daughter(Princess Cinderella) out. Everyone was clapping and very much impressed.

COSTUMES: Meanwhile my husbanddressed as the king was inside awaiting the arival of all the princesses. As they walked in to the house he announced (Princess_____ from the land of (childs last name)  This was a great Ice breaker because some of the names sounded a little funny and kids are just plain silly. Everyone waited for Cinderella to come in. The girls where then directed to the ball room.

In one corner of the room there was the hair and make-up station.(My 8 year old vanity set) the fairygod mother(my sister) put eye shadow and lipgloss on each girl(I got a 12 pack of lipgloss from wal-mart and each girl kept the one she used) In another cornertinkerbell(my other sister)put pink nail polish on their fingernails and give them a disney princess bracelette a little pixie dust and sum strawbery body spray. In the middle of the room was the U shaped table.My daughter sat in the U and all her princess friends sat around her.

GAMES: pass the poison apple. Each girl got a homemade carmel and peanut apple when she got out. We watched the disney princess tea party movie colored wooden princesses(I got them at Micheals). I got a glass slipper from the dollar store and each girl had to try it on to find princess Cinderella. Halfway through the party "Princess Cinderella" made a surprise visit(Our childcare directors friends young daughter. I wanted someone the girls had not seen befor). All the girls took pictures with her and then as a group.

PARTY SNACKS: Princess cookieslorna doone cookies lady fingersgrapes(I told them to only use the tooth picks to pick up the grapes and crown shaped cheese sandwiches(I used a cookie cutter.)I tried to incorporate something from each princess story throught the party.(carpet ride-Jasmin. Poison apple- snow white goldfish- ariel toothpicks only for eating grapes sleeping beauty etc) My son and his friend served the girls on silver platers that I found at the dollar store. My daughter and her friend kept the tea coming(apple juice).The adults had fruitstossed salad and bottled water.

CAKE: I ordered a cake from BJs. Just a half sheet princess cake and I oppted out of all the extra decorations. Instead I used fresh pink and white flowers to decorate it.

PARTY FAVORS The girls got: (Everything they received was Disney Princess) braceletts The Cinderella Story (volume 1) ball and pad set I can trace my letters book I can trace my numbers book keliedascope desert cups that the ate the Ice cream in princess ring pop putty and a puzzle set."

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