Princess Tea Party

Fairy Princess Tea -4yr- Decorate the Crown




Jessie in Owensville, MO  USA


May 2008



This was my daughter's 4th Birthday Party.

There were 12 little girls all together (don't forget to include the birthday girl/boy in the count!) 

Invitation: I typed and printed the info. (play with the font and color), cut it out, and pasted it to foam crowns that my daughter then decorated with glitter (always get the kids involved in the preparations and planning as much as possible; it really becomes their party then). 

Decorations: My daughter colored (and glittered) a sign for the front porch with balloons.  Streamers and balloons in side.  Outside I set up kids's tables with place setting (pairing up the girls).  I printed the names and helped my daughter fold little pieces of card stock and put the names on them. 

At each setting was a MINITURE tea set serving for two. 

Favors:  As the girls arrived they received a bag of goodies with their name on it.  The girls were asked to come in a dress, so the bag included shoes, jewelry, fairy wings, a boa(huge hit!), a wand, and a purse. 

Grandmas were there to help (also helped with the cost), and the girls got all dressed up. 

Activities: Before the party, I cut crowns out of yellow poster board.  We layed them out around the table, the girls decorated them with the various jewels and pom poms (I put a glob of glue on paper plates every couple of girls for them to dip in).  The Birthday Girl got a special gold crown to decorate. 

Party Snacks:  The crowns were set aside to dry and the space was cleaned.  I had made each girl a special sugar cookie (the first letter of their name). They got that with a scoop of ice cream (they loved getting to find their letter).   

More Activities:  We opened presents after the cookies.  By then the crowns were dry.  We put them on the girls and went outside to the Tea Party.  They all found their spot and enjoyed tea (grape kool aid) and cookies (tiny 100 calorie pack cookies).  We walked around and kept refilling their tiny tea pots with a measuring cup.   

Each girl went home with everything in their bags and a miniture tea set each. I took pictures of each Fairy Princess and sent it to them later with a thank you note.

Everyone had a GREAT time!

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