Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -4yr- Kiss the Frog Game




Alice in Lockport, IL USA


April 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday she wanted a Princess Tea Party.

Invitations: For the invitations I used a pink card stock and an Old English font. On the front I addressed each girl as Princess ____ with a bunch of flowers next to her name.  Inside the invitation was phrased like it would be in old English---Hear yea tied with ribbon and a small silver bracelet from the dollar store and had delivered.

Decorations: I printed out a bunch of Disney Princesses and put them throughout the house. The chandelier in the dining room was draped in lots of fabric ribbons fake jewelry and shiny wire tinsel with flowers. The table was set with a floral china pot and tea cups from a second hand store and flowery paper plates and real cloth napkins. Also scattered on the table were clear colored crystals from the dollar store and the birthday girl's chair had balloons.

To make clean up quick between lunch I put down 2 tablecloths on top of each other..after lunch I gathered up the top one and "voila" a clean table for cake!

Activities: When the girls arrived if they were not in princess clothes they got dressed from our dress bin. Then they decorated a white bag with princess stickers and stamps as a treat bag while we waited for everyone to arrive. 

We then had the girls earn their Princess title--they walked around on different Disney Princess pictures like musical chairs and when the music stopped if they landed on Cinderella they earned their Princess crown-- a circle made from shiny flower garland tied with toile and ribbons. The music was A Princess Tea Party. (the only snag was our daughter wanted to land on Cinderella every time!)

Next was kissing the frog prince.  My husband blew up a frog print to poster size onto which I put a clip art crown.  We put bright lipstick on the girls closed their eyes spun them and had them try to kiss the frog's mouth.  It was so cute.  Each girl got a necklace for a prize and had her picture taken with the frog.

Next the girls had snacks.  We had chicken nuggets cheese crackers cut up fruit and veggies.  It was served with Princess Tea (pink lemonade) in the china cups.  Each girl kept the cup as a favor. They all kept asking for "more Princess Tea please".

Following lunch the girls all gathered in the foyer and sat on pillows on the floor while my husband sat on the stairs and read Princess and the Pea.

We then played "Who is a Princess?" Like musical chairs again but as the girls walked around I slipped a soft ball under their pillow as the pea.  When they sat on "the pea" they got to pick a prize from the treasure box (filled with jewelry and lip gloss from the dollar store). The girls really loved jumping up and landing on the pea! 

Cake:  Finally it was time for cake.  The girls had dainty pink and purple cupcakes decorated with flowers and more "Princess Tea".

After cake and presents the girls played in our pop up castle while their parents arrived. The party lasted about an hour and 45 minutes.

Favors:  The party was a hit! Each girl left with jewelry a crown lip gloss and a tea cup as well a picture with the frog and a treat bag filled with a extra pieces of jewelry a bag of princess fruit snacks stickers and a candy necklace kit (we had planned to do the kit as a craft but ran out of time). Also the fake jewels on the table were such a hit each of the girls asked to take home a handful.

The party was fun and fairly inexpensive since everything was from the dollar store!"

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