Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -4yr- Tiaras & Pearls




Gretchen in CA


May 2007



For my daughters 4th birthday party, she wanted a Princess Belle Tea Party, so here is how I helped her have the best memory ever! 

I found the cutest handmade teacup invites on EBAY and I worded the invite to read Please come dressed in your princessy best and look as cute as could be as you are invited to ________ 4th birthday princess tea". 

I rented out the park next to our house that has a white gazebo and I put two pinic tables in the gazebo and lined the table with white tablecloth and a pretty yellow fabric that I bought at a local fabric store.  My daughters favorite color is yellow so I placed two small vases with yellow roses on either end and a real antique sterling silver tea set in the middle as the center piece. 

We purchased little plastic party tea cups from a online party store and made the place setting with a larger plastic plate underneath and the tea cup/saucer on top. 

Then on the each place setting I placed a tiara on the plate a faux pearl necklace over flowing from the tea cup a pink feather boa on each seat and plastic rings all around the table (all bought from EBAY or an online party store). 

I also bought a princess castle plastic backdrop and hung it from a wall so that when each of her little friends arrived we took a picture of the Bday girl and her friend all dressed up (this photo will be the thank you as well). 

For the food we made little tea sandwiches using cute cookie cutters out of PB&J datenut bread and cherry cream cheese and ham & cheese.  I also had a fruit platter that included chocolate covered strawberries and cherries. 

For the "tea" I had two fruit juice choices that we poured out of the antique serving set. 

For the cake I bought a "Belle" Barbie doll and had a doll cake made (where the cake is her skirt).  The girls thought this was the best thing EVER! 

As the girls were having their tea party (all dressed up and eating and drinking with their pinkies in the air) a real princess Belle came and surprised them at their tea party. She walked up and met each girl individually (we hired princess Belle locally.)

When they were done eating Princess Belle read them a story danced with them and then did face painting. 

Princess Belle then helped everyone sing "Happy Birthday" and then departed for her castle. The look on my daughters face during her whole party was more priceless than anything we could have hoped for.  It was the best day for her and was so much fun setting up! 

What a small price to pay for the greatest memory!!!!!!!!!"

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