Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -4yr- Princess Bingo




Thea in Riverdale, Maryland, USA


February 2007



My daughter wanted a princess tea party for her 4th birthday. All of the girls and their mom's had a ball. 

Invitations: I created purses using card stock with a rhinestone as the clasp.

The invitation read: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Princess Mia requests the company of her royal party as she celebrates her 4th birthday. 

The girls were asked to wear their favorite princess costume or dress-up outfit. Hint-I printed this information on the card stock before I cut it out for the purses.

I enlisted the help of my friends and family in purchasing party decorations and favors. 

Each girl recieved a white boa(any fabric store), costume jewelry(dollar store), and a tiara to decorate(Oriental Trading) when they arrived.

I decorated two children's tables(rented from party store) with white paper that I stamped(pink, green, purple, yellow)with princess and tea stamps.  I sprinkled princess confetti" all over the table.  There were pink white and yellow balloons around the room. 

My husband drew a castle door on a large piece of white construction paper and attached it to the front door.  Leading up to the door was a "red carpet" of red contruction paper. 

Food: My mother bought tea sandwiches and cakes ordered from local tea house. They drank mint tea and punch using a child's tea set. I bought a cake in the shape of tea pot with polka dots the color of her tea set.

Activities: The girls primped using a vanity decorated tiara's modeled their outfits decorated a tea cup and saucer to take home.

They played "Princess Party" bingo using bingo cards I created on Microsoft word. The free space had a picture of Mia in her princess costume on each card.

Favors: boa tiara tea cup and saucer candy costume jewelry(Oriental Trading) picture of them and Mia in her throne purchased for the special day.

This party was a lot of work but Mia and her friends had a wonderful time playing dress-up and serving each other tea and sandwiches.  The sandwiches and cakes were on silver trays."

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