Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea -3yr- Pin Butterfly on Flower




Ruth in Friendswood, Texas


September 2006



Princess Tea Party!  For my daughter's 3rd birthday we had a princess tea party for girls and boys. 

The invitations were said the following:  My cake would taste much better and I would be happy too if I could turn 3 years old sipping tea with you.  I also told the guests to wear their fanciest clothes. 

We had my niece's college roommate dress up as Cinderella(using a costume we rented at a local costume shop.  Cinderella was a big surprise.  No one knew she was coming. 

The kids played in the birthday girl's room until Cinderella showed up(about 20 minutes into the party).  I had purchased a special book about having a tea party that was personilized with my daughter's name.  Cinderella read the story while we got the tea party set up. 

Once the story was over and many pictures were taken of the guests with Cinderella all the children sat down at kid size tables and chairs that I borrowed from our church.  I had covered the tables with white table cloths.  We used tea party paper plates and cups to serve lunch which was sandwiches, cheese and fruit.  We also had food for the parents. 

When the children were finished with lunch we played pin the butterfly to the flowers.  On a large sheet of white paper I had drawn flowers.  We put blindfolds on the children one at a time and they got to stick a butterfly on the picture.

While we were playing the game, my helpers re set the table for the tea party.  We used plastic play tea sets.  We had 2 sets and had to borrow 2 sets.  We had 12 children at the party.  Each child received a cupcake and we poured juice into the tea cups.  The children had a great time sipping tea.  Cinderella was always close to the birthday girl. 

After we had "tea,"  we turned on the music and everyone danced with Cinderella.  I used pastel colored streamers and balloons for decorations. 

I also made flower lollipops that were placed in vases as the centerpieces for the tables.  Each cild got to take home a necklace, bracelet, lace gloves and tea party stickers in their goody bags.  Since we had a friend dress up as Cinderella she was there for the entire 2 hour party and did a great job entertaining the children. 

WE have beautiful pictures from the party and I do not know who had more fun the birthday girl or the mom who planned it all.

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