Princess Tea Party

Celebre-Tea - Hand Prints in Cement




Once Upon a Time (Teri) in Central Point, Oregon, USA


October 2001


Special Mention.

Celebra- Tea!    This dress up party fits with many themes such as: Glamour Girls, Hollywood, Fashion Show, Hollywood Premier, Night at the Oscars, Movie Stars, Starz, New York etc. 

Invitations: Here is a sample wording for your invitations.  Celebra- Tea!  A Glamorous and Dazzling Dress-up Gala ! Do join us for a Faab-ulous, Red Runway fashion show! Arrive in Style at : the home of our Star Arielle! 123 Rodeo Drive, Hollywood  Fashion Designer on location  with all of the latest styles on hand!  Dress up, makeup, manicures . . . simply maa-velous !   No paparazzi Please!   Reservations ~ 555-1234 See you at the event of the year!  Along with the invitation you could include a ticket for admission to this special event. You might choose to have dress up clothing on hand or ask them to come dressed like a movie star.  

Music Selection Ideas:   Vogue by Madonna, Super Girl from Princess Diaries, New York by Frank Sinatra, Putting on the Ritz   You could have a cassette player hidden outside your home playing music for your guests as they arrive.   

Decorations:  Bouquets of red roses, fabulous hats, wonderful pairs of high healed shoes, boas, make up table with lights around it, giant jewelry, mirrors, dressing room atmosphere, giant diamonds and jewels, white twinkle lights red carpet for sidewalk of home, etc.   

Party colors:  Black, white and hot pink Or silver and black, red and black, gold and black etc.    Costumes and Accessories:  Glamour gowns, boas, tiaras, costume jewelry, faux fur stoles, hats etc.  

Dress up Time:  Bring out your full length mirror and several hand mirrors.  Create stations for dress up time:  \*hair  \*makeup \*clothing / accessories   Body glitter, body jewels, hair jewels, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, pink blush (avoid eye makeup for health reasons).  Props:  microphone (make your own) , red carpet runway (could use the red construction paper that comes in rolls) with lights, spot lights (flash lights), fog machine?, bubble machine (for outside your home, not inside) for around the dressing area: magazine pages with large pictures of models with big hair for attaching to wall with removable double sided stick'em or posters of movie stars,   

\*Modeling lessons - turning, walking, posing 
\*On the sidewalk and walkway of your home place stars where the can leave hand prints (washable sidewalk paint).
\*video taping (make their own movie or commercials). 
\*photo shoot with background and props  (Use the 1 hour photo or Polaroid camera.)
\*Making a portfolio with the photos taken at the party
\*fashion show with an mc and music
\*make a movie using your video camera
\*sign each others autograph books 
\*Take some time to write your own commercials and then take turns acting them out.  
\*Have someone be a talk show host who interviews the famous guests.  Write out questions ahead of time. 
\*Award ceremony: Give out academy awards and make acceptance speeches.
\*Watch the perfect movie. 

Craft:  Maybe doing their hand prints in cement (plaster) like Hollywood. Maybe decorating photo frames. Stringing bead necklaces or candy necklaces made from any candy with holes. 

Food/Table ideas:  The table should be set very formal with place cards and flowers. Maybe a black and white table theme would look nice.    At the beginning of the party maids carry around trays of appetizers and trays of sparkling cider in champagne glasses offering them to the guests.  Champagne glasses with sugared rims, appetizer type items that are elegant but kid friendly!   Posing and photo ideas  Have a bouquet of balloons at the end of the runway. When the model gets to the end and turns around the balloons will be behind her for a perfect photo background.  Take a roll of black and white photos. 

Extra cute ideas for this theme:  Have someone outside photographing the stars as they arrive with a big camera!  The guests walk up the red carpet and show their ticket to be admitted. Dad wearing a tuxedo checks the guest list or takes their ticket. \*Using a refrigerator box you can create a giant popcorn box for a giant prop.  Paint red and white vertical stripes.  Stuff the bottom with crumpled newspaper to fill the box almost full.  Top it off with giant popcorn made by tying balloons together (two white plus one butter yellow).  It looks like giant popcorn.    

Favors:  definitely lipstick, autograph books, their hand print made in the plaster, star shaped sunglasses, photos, their portfolio, HUGE jeweled rings (available from novelty companies.  The girls could be picked up by the limo and delivered to the party.  

Words to use for invitations and thank you notes:  Oo-la-la  Faa-bulous  darling  marvelous  glamorous  star!  Celebra-Tea!  Fashion designers  Have a Faa-bulous party!  This party plan is provided by: Once Upon a Time at www.princessparty.com.

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