Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea -7yr- Purse Filled Favor




Stacey in Harrisburg, NC


Oct 2002


Honorable Mention

April 6, 2002, was an unforgettable birthday for my 7-year-old daughter, Sydney. 

Sydney is a true Princess and nothing short of a royal celebration would do.  We invited 24 young ladies to help celebrate the occasion. 

The invitations read, "Gowns, crowns and castles too, nothing short of a royal celebration will do!"  The Princess Tea Party took place at the Dunhill Hotel in Charlotte, NC.  The Dunhill is one of the oldest landmarks in the area and very formal.  Princess Sydney and 2 of her special guest greeted each guest in the lobby.

Princess Sydney wore a white satin and lace gown, accented with pearl appliqu├ęs, a silver tiara and a corsage of miniature roses. 

Each guest wore dainty semi-formal dresses.  Once guest were greeted, they were taken to the Upper Dinning Room, where they made party hats.  The party hats were gold cone hats and the guests applied multi-colored stones and pulled tulle through the tops, which hang down shoulder length. 

Next, the guests were given a 30-minute table etiquette course and practiced setting a formal place setting, with real china, crystal, cloth napkins and silver. 

The menu consisted of a buffet, which included chicken strips, fresh fruit and vegetables, an assortment of croissants filled with a variety of meats and citrus punch. 

The birthday cake was a pink and purple 3-tier castle cake, with a drawbridge attached.  The room was decorated formal, using green and white tablecloths, real china, flatware and crystal.  White miniature roses also accented the tables.   

Once lunch was served, the young ladies sang happy birthday and utilizing gold wands that were provided, they flickered them at the count of 3 and each made a special wish for the Birthday Princess.  Then, each guest presented their special gift to the Princess, as she opened them one by one. 

At the conclusion of the party, each guest was presented with a small purse, filled with a necklace, comb, brush and mirror.  Four  special guests were invited to take a limo ride around town with the Birthday Princess and her parents. 

The day was concluded with a trip to the Opera, "The Barber of Seville."  It was a magical and memorable day that Princess Sydney will never forget!

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