Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party -5yr- Pink Lemonade




Nancy in West Chester, PA  USA


January 2007



5 Year Old Princess/Tea Birthday Party

We invited 10 guests, (no parents)and had the two grandmothers help with serving tea. Purchased 10 china tea cups and saucers from thrift/antique stores for 2 dollars each Purchased 2 packs of plastic necklaces (5 in each) at the dollar store Made birthday cake (Duncan Hines) and PB&J and cheese sandwiches(cut off crust)

Made invitations with my daughter as an art project, Invitations asked the girls to wear their favorite princess outfit or a party dress and tiera's

Games included:
(1) finding hidden princess shoes all over the first floor (shoes came from my daughters dress up collection)

(2) Pin the tea cup on the saucer with a blind fold - we made the game out of poster board

(3) Played musical chairs using Princess music and did musical mats (instead of chairs)

(4) Decorated tea cups (pre-cut from poster board) with glitter glue and princess stickers

All the girls sat at the formal dining table and were served rasberry tea and pink lemonade in the china tea cups with sandwiches and cake and tea cookies.  Each guest had a necklace to put on and selected their choice of drink and sandwich.  All the girls were princesses for the day. 

For those that had never had tea it was a new experince and for those who didn't like tea there was lemonade. 

While cleaning up,  we washed up the tea cups and sent them home with the girls including their necklaces as party favors.  Since the craft was not dry, we asked that they leave them there and we mailed them back as thank you cards to the party guest.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the party was held at our home and lasted 2 hours.  It was fun for me and my daughter.  Defintly a sucessful and fun party that we can do again.

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