Fairy Tea Party

Flower Fairy Tea 4yr - Fairy Treasure Hunt




Mandy in Los Angeles,California,USA


October 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter Melody wanted a flower fairy tea party for her 4th b-day party.

Invitations:The invitations was a flower that opened and a butterfly pops out.It was so easy to make.

Decorations and party set up:There were lots of balloons floating everywhere.Most of the party supplies were purchased from party supplies world and birthday in a box.We had a swing in one of the trees in our backyard and decorated it with stick on butterflies and garlands.A kid sized table with chairs was placed beside a tree.We covered the table with a flower tablecover.

Dress-up:Melody wore an orange sleeveless dress with matching wings,tights,shoes,bangles and a tiara that I made by buying an inexpensive headband and hotgluing fake flowers,a big butterfly charm and ribbons and bows.Time:6 hours.Music:I purchased a girl's birthday rhyme cd.

Activities:The girl's first received a face fainting in the colour which matched the girl's dress and also used glitters and stick on jewels.Then they decorated a frame with stick on bugs,fake flowers,and lots  more.Then they made a hair wreath.

Games:We played evil fairy freeze tag and had a buzzing contest.Then the girls had a treasure hunt.Each girl had to find fairy related items.I gave each girl a basket decorated with ribbons.On their way they I wrote clues to find them.First clue was:

1)Find the fairy dust.they were vials of glitter that matched the colour the girl was wearing.

2)Find the unicorn horns and make them more pretty.These are sugar cookies in the shape of horns and they had to decorate it.

3)Find the butterflies:There were butterflies made from air-drying clay.

4)Find the fairies in the flowers:The flowers are large fake flower again that matched the girl's dress and a fairy made from a klutz kit with the petal skirt matched the girl's dress.

5)Oh no u are coming near the treasure. 

Then the girls came to the box that was filled with treasures that was of fairy,flower and butterfly.

Treasures: notepads,pencils,hair clips,bracelets,keychains,keychain notepads,lipglosses,mini yo yo's,stampsets,hair accessories,bug viewers,bubbles,bean bags,hair ties,rings,shaped lockets,compact mirrors,love hearts candies,chupa chups lollipops,rainbow drops candy,haribo candies,mini globes,mini figures and lots more.

For prizes I gave out plastic purses with pictures of hearts filled with bubble necklaces,love hearts candy and playdough with cookie cutters in the shape of garden things,a butterfly net,a pair of wings(I gave another pair of wings to the girls who have a little sister).

Cake:The cake was a large sheet cake.I iced it orange and with yellow,pink,blue and lavender gel icing I drew flowers in it.I put fake flowers to the corners of the cake so each girl could take one flower from the cake.

For each girl I made a cupcake and iced it in the colour of the girls dress and put a figurine of a fairy.I puchased a bag of tiny fairy cake toppers from our local cake decorating store and put each cake toppers on the cupcakes.

Then I also purchased place card holders in the colour of the gils' dress and put beside the cake.They each had a title of their own for example:melody the fairy orange blossom garden.The girls could take a decoration on the cake and the topper and the placecard holder.

Food:We served tea(limeade),sugar cookies,giant strawberries double dipped in white chocolate and dark chocolate,finger sandwiches,tiny fruit tarts,sandwiches filled with coloured marshmallows and chocolate chips.Nice tea party food.

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