Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea Party 4yr - Decorate Fairy Wands




Susan in Hatboro, PA USA


September 2008



My daughter was turning 4 and we decided on a fairy tea party theme.

INVITATION - I drew a large tree with a fairy next to it and put all the info in the tree trunk - just copied it onto colored paper - The invite told the guests to come wearing their fairy best, If they beleived fairy wings they would recieve.  Meet us under the big tree at our address.

DECORATIONS - we set up 3 kiddie tables under a big tree in our yard.  I used pink vinyl tablecloths on them so they looked uniform.  I had various tea sets that I mixed and matched and set up.  Each setting had a small plastic fairy that I found at the dollar store.  I put each guests name on it and used them as place cards.

We attatched different colored balloons to the chairs and hung some streamers from the branches. 

ACTIVITIES - They started out by decorating foam wands I found at the party store.  Then they got their fairy wings.  We played pin the wings on the fairy - I painted a fairy on foam core and used velcro to do the wings. 

We also played catch the fairies -I found butterfly nets at the dollar store and got the game Elefun - My husband brought a large cardboard silo from work - he cut the top kind of jagged and we spray painted it brown and I painted on it to look like a tree stump - we put the elefun inside and the guests tried to catch the wings. They loved it.

PARTY SNACKS - for the tea party we served water - worked good because there were a few spills - they had small flower shaped tea sandwiches - PBJ, PB and Fluff, Cream cheese - used cookie cutter to make in flower shape

CAKE AND FAVORS - we did cupcakes for each guest and the favors where the fairy dolls, wings, wands, butterfly nets plus little lipglosses, candy necklaces, wooden fairy to color in - I got colored bags and found foam fairies to stick on outside with their names

GIFTS - Set up a chair for the birthday girl with a empty chair next to it - Each guest brought up their present and got to sit next to the birthday girl while she opened it - made for a relaxed time and kept all cards and gift receipts together.  

We had a great time and the girls looked so cute running around the yard with their wings and wands.  Lots of great picture oppurtunities.

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