Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea 6yr - Flower Nector & Cupcakes




kathleen in colchester ct


September 2006



we gave my daughter a fairy tea party when she turned 6. 

I used different color tissue paper and over lapped them on the table to give different shades of color.I went to the craft store in my town and bought huge butterflies and drangonflies and hung them from the celling just above the table.

I bought clear plastic cups and took fake flower petels and glued them around the cups so it looked like the girls were drinking out of flowers. We then took clear plastic plates and glued fake flower petels on the bottem so the girls could eat off their plates with the flower petels still showing.

The center piece of the table was a vase of flowers that we put fairy dolls peeking out of. I put different color streamers and balloons hanging from the celling. When the girls arrived, we dressed them in their fairy dresses(tolle from the craft store.) Each girl had a different color.

Then they had their hair done with ribbons and their makeup with jewels to match their own fairy color.

The girls were then allowed to pick out a pair of wings (all different colors and sizes.) When the girls were ready they sat down for tea. We served all different juices that we named "flower nector".The girls ate cupcakes in the shapes of flowers and butterflies covered in all different color frostings,and crackers in the shapes of butterflies.(bought at any food store).

Then the girls made necklaces from beads and went outside to "fly".

We have really awsome pictures from this party,my daughter says she loved it so much,she wants the same one again this year.

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