Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea Party 4yr - Pin the Wand on Fairy




Robin in Haskell, NJ


July 2006



For my daughter's 4th birthday we hosted A "FAIRY TEA UNDERNEATH THE WISHING TREE" at the State Park. Her birthday is in August so we knew it would be HOT.

The invitation was a tea card from Hallmark. It had blue glittery butterflies. I "borrowed" most of the wording from other fairy party sites and also included this info: "On the fourth of August at 10am come dressed in your fairy best. If you believe, your fairy wand you will receive. You'll be served a fairy tea underneath the wishing tree. If you you are willing to take part, find us near the playground in Ringwood State Park."

It's amazing what "fairy stuff" you can find in the DOLLAR STORE! We bought flower garlands and draped them down the picnic tables and in the trees...We made the goody bags ourselves out of white bags with handles and stamped on a fairy. On a tag attached with each girl's name I wrote "You Made My Wish Come True" In it was a fairy wand and little trinkets.

We took my daughter's picture with each guest to include with the Thank You card. HOW CUTE WITH THOSE LITTLE GIRLS IN THEIR FAIRY BEST! We played pass the parcel, Limbo, and danced to all the party songs...I stamped a fairy on card stock and Kinkos enlarged it for FREE. 

We played "Pin the Wand on the Fairy" I used wand stickers I found at the dollar store and stuck them on card stock cut to fit the wand--it was a tiny wand. I had them circle around the "Wishing Tree" and one by one "girl scout style" had them close their eyes and make wishes squeezing the hand of the next girl to make her wish.

We had to cart the food in coolers up to the park in 90 degree heat so it was kept as simple as possible! Stella Dora ANGEL WING cookies, Pepperidge Farm butterfly crackers..LOTS OF ICED COFFEE for the moms--it's amazing how creative you can get. I made cupcakes for dessert--each cupcake had a candle on it so they could each make a wish for Julie.  I had a clipboard to keep me organized with activities and food and everything went according to plan.

The mother's said they had NEVER been to such a FUN party!  My husband was there to take pictures and they are GREAT!

The little girls flittering around holding hands---just like we stumbled on a real fairy forest…Have extra wings and tutu's on hand…just in case…Having the party on the hill hidden among the trees in the park made it that much more magical and since it was early in the morning we had the park to ourselves. MAGICAL!

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