Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea Party -5yr- Dress-up Fairy Relay




Maggie in Richmond, Virginia, USA


May 2006



Hello all! I was recently employed by a family friend to plan her 5 yr. old daughter's birthday party. she informed me that she wanted it to be a "Fairy Tea Party" and let me tell you, i am having a blast planning it.

Once all the girls arrive, we will begin by making our special fairy dust and fairy wands. to make the dust, all you need is some glitter, sequins, bird seed, confetti paper, and any other cool itty bitty things you can think of.  Then, to make their holders, all you need is some pretty fabric and some ribbon to gather it up in.

The fairly wands are also really easy. you'll need a straw, yellow construction tape, and curling ribbon. markers and glitter are optional. cut out 2 stars per child with the construction paper, and let the girls color them with markers or glue glitter on. then, you tape them to the straw and tie the curling ribbon around the base. easy peasy.

After that, we will probably have the fairy hunt. My mom knows how to make adorbable flower fairies and we are going to make about fifty or so. You hide them around your house or yard or where ever you're having the paryty and the girl who finds the most gets a prize, and everyone can keep the fairies.

After that, it will be time for lunch. The little girl I am doing the party for wants spaghetti for lunch, so that will be the main course along with mini sandwhiches that will be cut out with cookie cutters. There will also be cookies, little cheese scones, and (of course) a cake.

After lunch, we will have a relay race.  Divide the girls up into two teams. At one end of the field (or room, or hall, or whatever) there will be a pile of fairy stuff (ie. Wings, high-heels, tiara, feather boa). The girls will run to the pile, put the things on and run back to their team. Then they will trade off with another girl, and she will run back down the field and take off the fairy stuff. This goes on till all the girls have gone. Which ever team wins will receive a little bag of lip gloss, sprkly eye shadow, and nail polish.

Next comes the Fairy Freeze dance. This is where you play classical music in the background and all your fairies dance around. Once the music stops playing, all the fairies freeze. If any of them move, they are out and get to go eat ice cream. Whoever is left at the end gets a prize.

Last, but mnot least, comes the fairy market. This is where the girls get to pick what goes in their goody bags. Just pick a room and fill it with flowers (fake ones will work fine) and get colorful bowls to put the goodies in. then give each girl a goody bag, and she can go and shop at the fairy market. I cannot wait for this party, for I'm sure it will be great! 

How to Make a Flower Fairy: get the really inexpensive rainbow leis and cut them apart so the flowers are off the string. Then you take glittery pipe cleaners and stick the through the flowers (two will make a nice skirt). Next, shape the pipe cleaners into little fairy bodies by bending the pipe-cleaners to make the legs and arms. Now, for the head, you'll need large wooden beads and sharpies. Draw on a cute face and slide the bead onto the pipe cleaner and bend over the secure. In the itty bitty loop at the top of the head, you can attach curling ribbon to make the hair. And wa-la! You've got a flower fairy!

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