Fairy Tea Party

Flower Fairy 7yr - Flower Fairy Pop-up Invite




Betty in Edwardsville, IL USA


June 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday, we had a Flower Fairy Tea Party. 

The invitations were a flower that opened up and a fairy popped up in the middle.  This idea was taken from the Flower Fairy party book, borrowed from the library.  They turned out beautifully, and the girls loved them!  We had 12 girls come for the party, and some of them came dressed as fairies.  My sister and I ran the party at my house.  First, as each girl arrived, we applied glitter polish to their fingers (and some toes!).  We then escorted them out on our screened-in deck to a long table for the tea party.   

For decorations, I had 12 pairs of fairy wings made from tulle tied to each post, and had twinkling white christmas lights strung across the entire ceiling, which looked very neat.  I had a white lace tablecloth over a dark purple plastic covering on the table, and placecards in the shape of tea pots (Barbie, from Target) with flower petals scattered in the center, and 2 vases of brightly colored real flowers.  Each place setting had a plastic tea cup and saucer from Oriental Trading, and purple flowered plates and napkins. 

We served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers using a cookie cutter; the top piece of bread had a circle cut in the center so the jelly showed through-very cute.  We also had fruit and rice krispie treat skewers.  And of course, tea.  I had 2 different flavors of hot tea, and had the girls try both of them.  Most of the girls ended up with lemonade, but it was still fun for them to try the teas.  I read them a book of fairy poems by Laura Ingalls Wilder while they ate. 

We then played a few games:

1) Flower pot relay, where the girls had 2 flower pots they had to step on moving them as needed, to get to the finish line.

2) A buzzing contest (whoever buzzed the longest without taking a breath won).

3) Race with an apple on the head-2 girls at a time with 2 teams. 

4) Then we had a magic treasure hunt.  The girls had to earn different fairy-related things.  Each step helped them to bring the magic back to the flower fairies that was stolen by the evil fairies.  All with written clues [such as "help the Flower Fairies return magic to their kingdom by finding their stolen fairy dust" and at the middle step "You have restored half of the magic to the Fairy's kingdom.

To bring back life in the kingdom find the butterflies turned to stone" etc.] they had to find vials of fairy dust (glass vials with white glitter) unicorn horns (twisted suckers) magic rocks (butterfly shaped rocks from the dollar store) and their wands which were garden stakes with tulle flowers on the end of a stick (dollar store). 

At one stop they had to make their headpiece from star wire garland and they had to tie on 7 different colored ribbons that hung down the back.  Lastly they had to find the patch of magic mushrooms that the evil fairies had locked the flower fairies in (explained below). 

They then earned their wings to become an honorary Flower Fairy.  We had a wing-pinning ceremony and pinned wings on each girl presented a certificate stating they were an honorary Flower Fairy and gave each girl a (faux) pearl bracelet with flower and fairy charms (ebay) I had made for them.  They LOVED LOVED LOVED this whole magic treasure hunt. 

The most time consuming but not hard part: making the "mushrooms" which were round 50 cent 4x6 inch unpainted boxes from Michael's crafts.  I spray-painted the boxes white then put 2 different sizes of round stickers on the dry lid and spray-painted the lids red.  Once dry I removed the stickers and the mushroom tops now were red with white spots.  These turned out so cute!! 

I made little fairies from a Klutz kit to put into each mushroom with my daughters' having extra special flower petals for the skirt.  These were hidden under a weeping willow tree for the magic treasure hunt and it was almost too picturesque! 

The favors were all the things from the magic treasure hunt the bracelets and certificates and I gave out 10-inch plastic wind twirlers as game prizes. 

This was a fairly inexpensive party to have and the girls had an absolute blast.  Parties held at home are more memorable for children!    "

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