Fairy Tea Party

Enchanted Fairy Tea - Lace & Flower Table




Romano in Boca Raton, Florida USA


November 2004


Honorable Mention

Enchanted fairy tea party  This was such an enjoyable party for all. The girls had an absolutely awesome time.

Invitations:Stationary from a Kinko's shop. A cartoon garden of flowers on the bottom with sun, clouds and butterflies on top. It read..Come to where the fairies roam, a beautiful forest they call their home. We will dance and we will play to clecbrate Vida's 6th birthday. Sunday, November 14th, 2004 at 2:00 pm please be at our door. Come dressed in your fairy best, join us for "tea" as our guest.

At the party you will see, the enchantments of a fairy. If you believe....your fairy wings you will receive. This special gathering of the fairies will be held in the magical gardens of.....address.We anxiously await your reply....phone number and name of parents. I found some fairy stickers at the craft store and placed a few on each invitation as well as fairy dust(glue with sparkles). I sealed each envelope with a fairy sticker.

Decorations: I hit the local dollar stores and did very well. I bought flower garlands and hung them with thumb tacs from all the doorways and entries. My friends lent us a machine to blow balloons with air(not helium).  Balloons were pink, lavender and purple. As my husband blew the balloons I tied curling ribbon to the balloons and again thumb tacked the ribbon to the ceiling and enclosed the dinning room area with balloons.

We draped streamers in pink, lavender and purple on all the windows and put above them purple forescent star garland accenting the corners with 12" butterflies. In the living room we cleared out all the furniture except for a decorative screen which I covered with ivy vines and taped fairy wings on to it( the wings were party favors to earn during the games. I covered my very tall wall unit with balloons hanging form the ceiling and then tulle with more 12" butterflies.

The dining table was covered first with a lavender plastic tablecloth and then covered with a white cotton lace tablecloth. On top of that I placed purple sheer tulle(bought at walmart for $1.00/yd).

I set the table with white expresso cups with saucers (purchased at the dollar store), these we used for tea cups.Clear china type plastic plates(purchased at party store)with either pink or purple napkins on top. we sprinkled lavender potpourie all around the table and the coffee table in the den. The birthday girl's chair we decorated with tulle and a flower garland.

On the front door to our house we placed a beautiful "welcome to fairyland" poem(copied from a fairy book). We have a swing hanging from the tree in the front of our home we put flower garland all around the swings. We decorated our yard with little fairies( we made out of clothes pins and different colored napkins)

Entertainment: I hired an excellent fairy. She  came as beautiful enchanted fairy. She face painted the girls faces with beautiful colors to match their outfits and sparkles and gems. I read fairy stories while she painted all the girls faces. The fairy then invited the girls to sit at our dining room table for tea. At the table she showed them proper table manners.

After tea she played games with them and they earned their wings and wands. ( which they got to take home) To finish with a pinata that we decorated with fairy barbies. I found fairy goody bags in the dollar store. In the pinata filled with stuff from the dollar store, rings, necklaces, bubbles, fairy bracelets and some candy. 

Food: for tea, tea kettle with chocolate milk. Sandwiches, butterfly shaped peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and flower shaped creamcheese and olive sandwiches as well as flower shaped creamcheese sandwiches. Mini flower cookies with white and chocolate frosting and of course jellybeans. After the pinata we had icecream cake decorated to match the fairy plates, napkins and cups I found at the dollar store. A great time was had by all.

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