Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea Party 4yr - Musical Fairy Chairs




Shawn in Jacksonville, Fl, Duval Co.


January 2002



Fairy Tea Party - For my daughter's fourth birthday we had a tea party with a fairy theme. 

The invitations were magic wands.  I spray painted wooden dowels silver.  We printed out the invitation on silver paper.  Cut the invites into star shapes and glued them onto Mylar stars.  We glued the stars onto the dowels and trimmed with ribbon. 

The only drawback was that we had to hand deliver the invites, but it was worth it when I saw the look on my daughter's face and the faces of her friends when she gave them out. 

The birthday girl wore her Sugarplum Fairy Halloween Costume with a special birthday crown made of silk flowers, ribbon and tulle.  I made smaller versions of the crowns for her birthday guests and purchased fairy wings for each girl as well. 

We made a strawberry cake with teapot and teacup candles.  I decorated the cake plate with tulle ribbon and silk flowers. 

Her table was covered with a white lace tablecloth.  Inexpensive silk garland draped the table and we sprinkled different colored rock candy on the table as well. 

Cherry sprite was served in plastic punch ("tea") cups.  We purchased fairy themed plates and napkins.  We played musical chairs to the Nutcracker c.d..  Each "winner" was given a small "silk" bag filled with goodies.  We draped tulle around the kitchen. 

The front door was decorated with wooden vines, twinkle lights, silk flowers and more, more tulle.  A friend came and painted faces.  A butterfly pinata finished off the party. 

Each girl went home with her tea cup, her goodie bag, wings and a crown.

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