Fairy Princess Party

Fairy Princess Party 5yr - Satin Capes




Sharon in Tarporley,cheshire,England


Oct 2003



Fairy Princess Party For my daughters 5th birthday party she wanted a fairy party and a princess party so I did a fairy princess party!

The invitations were shaped like castles that opened up in the centre to reveal the invite details.We decorated the house with balloons and streamers-across the door frame we did a cardboard cut out of battlemets and stuck streamers on the back to drop down-cheap but effective!we had a craft table with colouring pages(fairies from DLTK),gluing fake gems on some hologram party crowns,making a princess model out of a TP roll(from DLTK site).

The girls also coloured in a slipper shape for use in a later game.I made a cape for each girl out of leftover satin material(simple semi circle with satin ribbon for ties),which I jazzed up by painting designs on with fabric glitter paint.I used the same material to make simple drawstring pouches which they used as party bags-these were so easy but the girls loved them(wrote their names on with glitter glue).

We played hunt the slipper(the ones they had coloured and I hid around the house)When they found theirs they received a prize-I put cheap plastic rings in real ring cases-the girls thought these were ace!-I went to a second hand jewelers and asked if they had any spare boxes-they were happy to help and they were free!

We also did a photo shoot-First the girls had their make up applied(just girly lip gloss and shimmer powder on cheeks,and hair glitter mascara)I had decorated a chair to look like a throne,with a canopy made from cheap netting and a bent coathanger at the top(to form the circle at the top)the girls sat on the throne and had their photos taken.We developed these after the party and used them to make the thankyou cards-the photos turned out really well and some of the girls mums have still got them on their fridges 2 years later!

We had a fairy cake-plain cake with pink icing and heart shapes,with fairy figurines dusted with silver edible glitter-very simple but it looked lovely.

The girls couldn't believe it when they got to take home their capes and bags-My daughter loved the party and immediately started planning the next one!

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