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Enchanted Princess 6yr - Hat Decoration




Bernice in Sylmar, California USA


June 2002


Special Mention

Enchanted Princess Party Girls only 6-year old party  We had the best party ever for my daughter's 6th birthday!  We incorporated many low-buget and creative ideas that we got from other parties and the internet, this website especiall.:

We invited girls only with a rolled up "scroll" invitation. I found a castle doorway paper at the office store. I added the BD girl's picture,cropped it into an oval and added a gold frame around it on my computer. Choose a "Snow White looking" font(Isabella). It read "Princess Arielle & Queen Bernice happily invite you to an "Enchanted Princess Party"…We would be delighted to have you as our royal guest! At Castle (your last Name) (your street address),kingdom of (your town),Date,year of 2002 Drop-off time 11:30pm to 3:30pm. Be enchanting and come wearing your special princess dress!  We'll have lunch, play games an have a magical time!  Roll them up attatch a ribbon, tie a bow and adda a gold foil seal to secure them. I also added a name tag before the bow with each guest's name titled 'Princess______'  The invitations were a total hit! 

All the princesses arrived in their home-made and store-bought costumes to balloons & a big poster board "Red Carpet" on the porch with glitter on it AND a big computer-made castle poster that said WELCOME all Princesses. Many were dropped off as the invitation read.  As they came in they received the personalized pink or purple sash from our THREE REAL LIFE Princesses--Ariel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (My gorgeous cousin and two high school girls that graciously accepted-- I bought the mermaid costume at a party store 50% off and the Sleeping beauty costume was a pink seventies bridesmaid dress from the thrift shop, cinderella had her own)

Then they were directed outside were there was a huge pink & turquoise Castle jumper, tons of flowing streamers, many balloons, and the bubble machine was in full swing!! It looked like Dinseyland! I made banners on the computer with The Bd Princess face on it that said Happy Birthday Princess & Happy 6th Birthday! I rented two kids table and 20 kids chairs & set up their placesettings with purple & gold paper goods.  I spray painted a "Throne" (old kids chair)gold and added purple & gold star-garland for the BD Girl. 

Their CRAFT was to decorate their princess hats (spray-painted gold cone hats with a strip of tulle knotted at one end slipped thru the top of the cone) with stickers and jewels, sequins--Ariel was the main Character and directed all the activities.  Then they played crown the princess from disney online and I bought the goody bags, and some more banners thru them too.  (not the cheapest but it was too cute) Then they each took a polaroid picutre with ARIEL in a "Garden Arch" (I decorated with tulle and fake flowers and stuck in the grass ) and they received it at the end of the party in a foto-folder I made on the computer (a Half Page each print two on a whole page--I used gold parchment paper. One you fold the halves the front said once upon a time their was an Enchanted Princess Party… (inside) were I was a royal guest!

Then the polaroid stuck on the otherside.  Little girls and easy to entertain they loved Ring aroud the Rosies --and London Bridge even the bigger girls cause they were all dressed up and with the REAL PRINCESS were playing with them-- We played musical chairs, too! They had lunch and punch--fruit salad and PB&J & HamNcheese sandwiches cutout in flowershapes.  Then their ultimate COOL surprise!!!! Even the Bd Girl didn't know!!!  They were told to look in our back yard--(we have an acre) and there appeared a white saddled hores ready for rides for every princess!!  Some princesses were barefoot from the jumper & Were soo cute on horseback! 

We open presents by everyone getting their give and handing it to the BD GIRL and had a BARBIE cake--homemade by the BD girl's GODmother (Papmered Chef recipe) When they left the got their goodie bag, a balloon and a Enchanted Princess coloring book I made from B&W coloring pages of all the princesses from disney.com and I secured with brass fasteners and sparkly curling ribbon.   All the princess were adressed and Princess Sophia…Princess Marina and etc. through out the party and they were all amazed & enchanted the whole time.  Even I dressed up as a queen cape & alice in wonderland queen costume and my daughter wor a gold princess costume and we curled all her hair!! Thankyou crds were sent soon after with another picutre of the birthday girl and big letters 

AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU--inside picture of each guest and a prsonalized note and signed by the BD princess. I went all out and it was worth every penny--People are still complementing me!  Hope all these ideas are useful to you.

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