Fairy Princess Party

Fairy Princess 5yr - Royal Ballroom




Julie in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

Fairy princess 5 yr old.  My daughter turned 5 in January but I had planning for months. Back in September for Halloween, the dollar store had little fairy wings made with white nylon pulled over a wire frame. I bought 9 of these and dyed them pink. I also bought 9 magic wands complete with maraboo trim and sequined crown hairbands. The dollar store also had little bears costumed as fairies with the same nylon wings so I got a bunch of those as well. We invited 8 friends plus my daughter to make 9. 

I bought coordinating fairy princess invitations, cups, plates, napkins, stickers, table cloth and loot bags at our Walmart.

The decorations consisted of pink/lilac/pale green/white streamers criss-crossed across the room. 100 helium ballons in the same colors were gathered in bouquets around the room (we rented the helium tank and inflated them ourselves - we used a product called Hi-Float that you pump into the ballons with before inflating them so they will last several days).

To set the scene as the guests entered, we had a "chandelier" of ballons (not helium) hanging from the ceiling in the front entrance with tons more streamers. We had 4 flower centerpieces made by my daughter and I - we bought many bunches of silk roses, cut the stems to 2" long and stuck them in florist foam - they kind of looked like a bridal bouquet but without the stems. We had sparkly cardboard star cut-outs stuck all over the walls.

The main decoration was a large net canopy (from Ikea) - like a mosquito net that goes over a bed made out of soft white netting - hung from the ceiling with the corners pulled up to and held with helium ballons. I then attached the Fairy teddy bears to it and stuffed many helium ballons into the peak.  When our guests arrived, we brought them down to the "Royal Ballroom" and had them choose their wings and crown. I was dressed the part of Fairy Queen with a long flowing white and pink gown with fluttery wings I had made out of chiffon on a wire frame and of course my crown and magic wand.  

The games: We played freeze dance to the music of the Nutcracker and whoever was "out" was awarded with the magic wand - they were then to help me cue the music on and off. Then we played "Pin the horn on the Unicorn" and finally "Magic present" where all the guests sat in a circle and we passed a present around til the music stopped. The child left holding the gift got to choose a prize from the prize table (assorted dollar store knick knacks). We played a second round where they got to choose a Fairy teddy bear from the hanging canopy (Ikea net) 

During the party, the guests snacked on multi-colored mini marshmallows and a few candies. After my daughter unwrapped her presents, we finished with a fresh fruit platter with yogurt dip (pink) and of course cake (heart shaped with pink icing and white/lilac icing flowers and a ceramic unicorn and fairy cake topper) and more dancing. The guests all got to bring home their wings, magic wand, crown, fairy bear, prize and a bunch of ballons.

We had a wonderfull afternoon and I can't wait til our next party ! It's ALL in the planning. Also, since I had started buying things way before the party, it didn't seem like such a big expense since spread out over several months.

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