Fairy Princess Party

Winter Fairy Tea Party -6yr- Wing Decorating




Tamara in Wilbraham, MA USA


January 2011


Honorable Mention

My daughter's birthday is in December so I have to get creative with her parties.  This year we did a fairy tea party scavenger hunt inside.  It was her 6th birthday.  

The Invite said, Peek into the garden and what do you see?  A beautiful fairy and her name is Chloe.Won't you join her for a party full of dancing and tricks to help Chloe celebrate this year she turns six.  Please mark the date and make your way to this Butterfly Fairy's Tea Party Birthday!"  I just made it on Photoshop and decorated it with fairies flowers and ribbons. 

When the girls came in they each got a set of wings which were purchased at a dollar store at halloween for very cheap.  I had a craft table where they could make a round headpiece out of pipe cleaners. I bought the sparkly metallic kind and they worked great because you could kind of conform them to their heads and they definitely stayed on.  Then I had all kinds of beads and string for them to make a "necklace" of beads.  We then wrapped that necklace around the pipe cleaner crown and tied the ends.  Then we used pre-cut ribbons of different pastel colors to tie to the back of the crown and fall down the back of their hair.  

They had cheap little wands with stars at the top that they could put gem stickers on and then tie ribbons to.  If they wanted to stay there they could make what ever kind of jewelry they wanted.  There were plenty of materials.  Otherwise they went up to the play room which I decorated with swags of tulle and sheer fabric tied with ribbons and attached butterflies to.  I set up a bunch of tents and tunnels and put lots of pillows and blankets so they could pretend it was a fairy world. 

We had cake and ice cream chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries and I served lemonade with cherries in it.  Those cherries were the hit of the party!  I used Tinkerbell plates and such and just put small pretty fake flowers all over the table scattered. 

After cake we I told them a story and had them look for items to help "rescue" the fairies.  I told them there were rocks in the forest who just seemed like regular old rocks and when humans weren't around they couldn't move but when humans were no where in sight they could.  The were called Grumpy Grouch rocks.  They were jealous of the fairies magical powers and they took the fairies and we need to find them and rescue them.  

I gave them these gold silky fabric bags that I found in the wedding section of a craft store I sent them into one room to look for the magic fairy dust which would help lead us to the fairies.  They were to look for a basket full of fairy dust which was vials of glitter.  I told them it was very powerful and they weren't allowed to open them without a parent around.  I told them that butterflies were painted by the fairies and they gave them magic so they could fly.  

In return the butterflies help protect the fairies.  We needed to find the butterflies so they could help us find the fairies.  I sent them into a room to find a basket of butterfly treats. This was a basket of skittles because it's my daughter's favorite candy.  Then I had them hold up the skittles and shake them.  My friend's 18 year old daughter had an old fairy Halloween costume and she agreed to dress up and help me so I said "Jessica do you hear the butterflies??"  She said she heard them in the other room and lead the girls there to a basket full of butterflies in a box.  

I used craft butterflies from a craft store and put them into little favor boxes from the wedding section.  I told them that the Grumpy Grouch Rocks had put the butterflies in there so they couldn't find the fairies.  We "rescued" the butterflies from their traps (everything goes in their little bags to take home as favors) and they told us to look on the landing of the stairs for fairy food because they were going to be hungry when we found them.  There was a basket of smarties.   

Next we went up to the threshold of the playroom where the Grumpy Grouch Rocks were laying on the floor.  My daughter had painted them all with grumpy faces using paint pens.  I had the girls put the rocks into the favor boxes so they couldn't do any more harm.  The we went into the playroom to look for a basket filled with fairies.  I used the Klutz kit to make the fairies. "

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