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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh Party -1yr- Hunny Pot Drawing




Debbie in Kissimmee, FL, USA


April 2012


Honorable Mention

We held a wonderful Winnie the Pooh themed party for our daughter's 1st birthday at a local park with a playground and covered pavilion that we rented. Pooh is a great theme because Pooh products are so easy to find. You can also use bumblebees as a secondary theme, which are easy to find everywhere too. 

INVITATIONS were simply the Pooh 1st bday invitations available at Walmart and Party City. 

DECORATIONS included Pooh 1st bday tablecloths, banners, centerpieces, and wall scenes from Walmart & Party City, plus several decorations that I made myself. I made a Pooh's hunny" pot to decorate that we also used in a game. I bought a popcorn tub at DollarTree and wrote "hunny" on the side in black marker. I used yellow paint to create honey dripping around the sides. Then I hot-glued small bumblebee erasers from Oriental Traders onto the sides. It was adorable and I was quite proud of it!

I also used Pooh Tigger and Eeyore stuffed animals to decorate the tables. My mother had a Pooh and Piglet photo frame that we placed a snapshot of my daughter in and other small plastic figurines of Pooh characters which we put around the food tables. Forks were placed in a felt bee basket from Target's Dollar Depot. I also decorated with a poster I made that doubled as a game. It said "Lily's First Year" on the top and I put photos of her from each month of her life (so far) labeled underneath "1 month 2 months" etc. 

GAMES: I planned three activities for the adults all keeping the focus on the birthday girl. The older kids were busy on the playground and with the Pooh pinata. The poster of photos became a game because I hung it up with the photos all out of order. Five volunteers tried to put them in order. Each was given two minutes. It was tricky! The one who got the most in the correct order won a prize.

Secondly we played "What Will Lily Be When She Grows Up? A great game for a 1st birthday. I placed a blanket on the floor with items that represented various careers in a semi-circle. We had a kids watercolor set (artist), stethoscope (doctor), ladle (chef),etc. for a total of about 8 items. Then we explained to guests that tradition says the first item Lily touches foretells her future career. We then passed out Pooh notepaper to each adult guest and asked them to write down what they thought she would pick. Then I placed Lily in the center of the items and everyone enjoyed watching what she would do! Whoever predicted the item she actually picked won a prize!

We also had guests write their name on a slip of Pooh paper and place it in the hunny" pot I made. At the end of the party Lily drew out five names herself and those guests won prizes. Prizes were a Pooh 1st bday treat bag from Walmart filled with a large bottle of honey-vanilla liquid hand soap. I found the soap at DollarTree. It was honey-colored and nicely packaged with a beautiful picture of honey on the front and went perfectly with the Pooh theme. I added butterscotch candies inside the bag too because they and the wrappers were honey-colored. 

FOOD: In my husband's Latin culture guests expect a meal instead of snacks at a party so we had typical Hispanic rice & beans meat potato salad and green salad. 

CAKE: The cake was a traditional Hispanic cake too with pineapple-flavored batter baked by a Latin baker. We used a Pooh #1 candle from my older daughter's first birthday cake and small Pooh Piglet Eeyore and Tigger figures from DollarTree to decorate it. 

FAVORS: We gave the kids Pooh 1st birthday treat bags from Walmart with mini-frisbees crayons and "clackers" with strings and balls on the end that kids spin between their hands all with Pooh characters on them all from DollarTree. For the babies we bought sectioned bumblebee baby plates at DollarTree. I really enjoyed putting together all of the aspects of our Winnie the Pooh party and the birthday girl and all of our guests had a wonderful afternoon!"

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