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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh -1yr- BumbleBee Pick Game




Amy in Cranberry Twp, PA USA


September 2001


Special Mention

Winnie the pooh 1yr old.  For my daughters first birthday, I chose a Winnie the pooh theme.

INVITATIONS: I found an image of pooh with a honey pot that had honey spilling out of it (off internet). I printed this out onto cardstock on the left side of the page & on the right side I typed: it's my first birthday and I'm so excited. We're having a party and you're invited. 2:00---? Is the time.  August 19th is the date. Mark your calendar and don't be late. Come to the house at pooh corner, our address. Love, bailey.  Regrets to my mommy or daddy, our phone number. P.s. don't bring any bees.  I then placed these inside a bag & placed yellow slime (to look like honey) and bumblebee confetti inside the bag. I sealed the bags up and mailed them to the guest. I used padded envelopes to protect the slime.

GAMES: I like to have everyone win at games. The first game was a bumblebee pick. I found pipe cleaner bumblebees in the craft store & glued a magnet onto the bottom of each one. I then painted the magnet a different color for everyone. I put the bees on a metal pail that I painted to look like beehive. On the end of each bee, I put a label with a child's name. the child had to found then find their name & match it up with a prize.  The prizes were wrapped in white paper and I painted a square of the various colors on each one.  Since I already knew who was going to get what prize it was easy to make sure the prize was age appropriate since the age range was 3months--6years old. 

The next game was a pinata. In order to make this game fair, instead of loose candy, I got pooh treat bags, filled each with an equal amount of candy & sealed them up.  It was a pull-string pinata & when we got it opened, each kid received 1 treat bag.  The last game was a pin the tail on eeyore.  For the tails, I made them out of gray fabric (with cardboard in the center), black yarn and a pink ribbon.  I wrote each child's name on it with glitter glue.  These were bookmarks, so every child got to keep their tail as a prize. Since there was only 1 winner for this game I did a back to school theme prize (notebooks, crayons, pencils). If a younger child won, I figured they could always use these items.

FAVORS: for the treat bags, I made every kid a honey pot out of paper maiche.  Inside the honey pot, I made a coloring book cut into the shape of pooh's head & the front cover was pooh's face (I drew myself), pooh Gumi treats, honey pot bracelet, pooh whistle, kisses (tied up with ribbon & "hugs & kisses from bailey to you, thanks for coming to my first birthday), baby food jar with honey label & filled with yellow candy (honey) & a few black pieces (bees) with note: for the rumble in your tummy from Winnie the pooh to you, miniature candy bars with labels I made off the computer with pooh & happy birthday on them.

CAKE: I had the bakery do a tree scene with pooh & tigger toys on top.

FOOD: we just did chicken, rigatonis, pierogis, hot sausage, dips, sandwiches, huggies for the kids, pop, beer. The party was outside so I let the kids play in the yard.  Everyone had fun and the time flew by. Hope these ideas help someone.

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