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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh & Hunny Too Party -1yr




GEMMELL in Stouffville,ON Canada


February 2011


Special Mention

For my sons 1st Birthday we decided to go with a Winnie the Pooh theme because he loves teddy bears especially Pooh. 

For the invitations I hand made them.I got a map online of the Hundred Acre Wood and printed the map in black & white and then colored it with pencil crayons to look more like the story book drawings.Next I added the information which was written like a mini story book. I entitled the mini story POOH BEARS SECRET" and the story went like this.....  Pooh Bear came to me this morning and told me he had a little secret....... "There is a very special birthday coming up for my very special friend Little Wyatt Bear and I wanted to have a party for him. Will you help me Christopher Robin? whispered Pooh Bear "Why yes of course Pooh." said Christopher Robin "Little Wyatt Bear is turning 1 years old and so it must be a spectacular party with all our friends in the Hundred Acre Wood." said Pooh Pooh headed to his Thinking Spot sat down and took his favourite pot of Hunny and began to THINK THINK THINK..... "Oh Piglet must be there......and Tigger too......and oh let's not forget about Kanga and Roo" said Pooh "That's a wonderful idea" said Christopher Robin "......and lets not forget about all the Hunny too  to fill the Rumblee in our Tumblee" said Pooh very very excitedly smacking his lips together. "Oh yes there will be lots and lots of Hunny for our friends and the birthday bear Pooh" said Christopher Robin So Christopher Robin and Pooh got to work making birthday invitations and here is what it looked like: ------ FOR: LITTLE WYATT BEAR'S 1ST BIRTHDAY DATE: SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20TH2011 TIME: 1PM PLACE: CHRISTOPHER ROBIN'S HOUSE        TOP OF THE FOREST(HIGH GROUND)  100 ACRE WOOD EAST POOH1 [A.K.A real address for the party] RSVP: CHRISTOPHER ROBIN AND POOH  phone number  -----------------  Next they sealed all the envelopes with a dab of Hunny and dropped them into the mailbox.

Then they started making all the decorations to be hung in Christopher Robin's house. Then came Pooh's favourite part....making all the food and of course tasting all the food to make sure it was just right.  The End  To add a personal touch I glued the map I had coloured and wrote in child-like writing (some backwards letters) "follow this map and Beware of Heffalumps"  For the decorations I used the colors yellow and red.  Yellow and Red streamers Yellow and Red balloons I used Whinnie the Pooh gift wrap to wrap the food tables and then covered the table with a yellow see through plastic table cloth from the Dollar Store.  It worked out well because you could see the Pooh images through the table cloth. 

Next I set up all of my sons teddy bears on the table and put in front of them Billy Bee Honey (I took off the Honey label and wrote the word "HUNNY" in black marker)......Pooh spells Honey "H U N N Y" Next I made a sign that hung above the food table.  I wrote "Fill the Rumbly in your Tumbly" in child like writing with some letters backwards. I then colored pictures of all the Pooh story book characters holding food and then glued the coloring pages to my sign.  There was 1 coloring page with Christopher Robin and Pooh decorating a cakeanother coloring page with Tigger holding a platter of cupcakes another coloring page with Pooh eating a pot of Hunny.....I got all the coloring pages online and then printed them and colored them. 

I made another sign for the front door that read "CHRISTOPHER ROBIN'S HOWSE" and I wrote on child like writing with some letters backwards and spelled HOUSE "H O W S E" then I printed a coloring page with Christopher and Pooh bear in a tree and colored it and glued it to the sign and then hung on the front door.  I made the Happy Birthday sign as well.  I again got printable coloring pages online of all the characters in the Hundred Acre Wood (TIGGER KANGA ROO POOH EEYOREAND PIGLET). I colored all the pictures and cut the out and then glued them to the HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign and hung on the wall. 

I made the Birthday cake.  I made the cake look like a honey pot.  I just make a box cake mix in a oven safe bowl then cut off the top to make level..reserve the top for later it will be you honey pot lid.  I decorated the cake in blue buttercream icing.  I then made yellow buttercream icing and heated it in the microwave to make it runny to resemble honey.  I poured the "hunny" all over the top of the cake and let it drip down naturally to resemble dripping hunny.  Then I took Red food coloring and a paintbrush and painted on the word "HUNNY" onto the pot.  Then put the cake into the fridge so the icing could harden a bit while I made the lid.  The lid I iced in the blue icing and then took a rice krispie square and cut it in a small circle and iced that blue as well and then placed in the middle of the "lid" to look like the handle.  Then I placed the top onto the cake.a little bit off to the side hanging halfway off to look like Pooh got into his pot of hunny.   

I made all the food out of honey and I got all the recipes off of the honey.com website.  Great website with all kinds of recipes from appitizers to main dishes to desserts to beverages.  Everything was made out of honey.  I made a fruit tray with a honey dip a vegetable tray with veggie dip honey chicken honey garlic chicken wings salad served with a homemade honey vinagarette dressing.Beverages were iced tea and regular hot tea for the adults served with a Billy Bee honey bear instead of sugar.  I also put out a tray of honey teddy grahams and gummie bears for the kids."

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