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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh Party (2-4yr) Honey Pot Toss




Kirstin in Goodyear, Az, United States


March 2010


Runner Up

My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh, so much so that at two years old she explained to me that she wanted a Pooh Party when she was 3 when she was 4 all the way until she was 9 years old!"  She held true to her statement as she has wanted a Pooh party every year for the last 3 years in a row.  That being said I have had to get pretty creative with my ideas to change it up every year. 

FOR TWO YEAR OLDS:  DECORATIONS: I made a huge tree with close to 200 leaves(using autumn colored leaves and brown tissue paper for the branches and trunk) on the wall entering through to the kitchen area.  Above the hallway to the kitchen area I painted a sign that said "Pooh's thinking spot" and underneath I made a life size pooh out of white card paper under it.  In addition to that painted Pooh I had Owl standing on the dining room table for the presents Roo flying in holding on to balloons Piglet above the food and a huge portrait of Pooh and Friends painted on a shower curtain that covered one entire window.  In the front room I painted a picture of Pooh running with a pot of honey in his hands and painted bees made out of construction paper flying(taped to the walls) all over the house towards that picture.  On the front door was a sign that said "Welcome to the Hundred Acre Woods."  

GAMES: Since she was only two at the time we only played one game which was "Pin the tail on Eeore which I made myself.  I made some yellow colored "slime" out of borax and water (4t. Borax 1 1/3c. water)that was "honey" for the kids to play with.  They really liked it however you have to make sure they don't eat it.  I packed it up in a zip lock bag for them to take home.  I put Pooh coloring sheets out for them to also color with. 

PARTY FAVOR: I got some brown plastic flower pots hot glued some yellow felt cut out like honey around the edge and put a label for each child on each pot saying "Maddie's Honey Pot."  When the kids arrived I dipped their fingers into yellow paint fingerprinted the side of their label and once it dried I made the finger print into a bee.  I filled the pot with Pooh Pez Pooh puzzles Pooh Crayons and some Gummie Bears.  My daughter still uses that pot to this day and she is going on five! 

FOR THREE YEAR OLDS: DECORATIONS: This year it was a Pooh Super Sleuth Party and I added all the gang to the decorations by painting them on some white card paper.  I also painted a huge shower curtain with the new characters on it that said "Happy Birthday."  Above that I cut out some bubble words from construction paper that said "Think think think."  This year I strung some of the leaves I had made from the previous year on some fishing line and ran them across the room as if they were blowing in the wind.  I also hung the kites made out of tissue paper from the previous year.  I had all the original characters from the previous year placed all around the house.

GAMES: As the guests arrived they placed their presents on the front dining room table.  While all the kids were working at the activity table (making their own kites that I ordered from Oriental Trading Company) I had someone take all of the presents and hide them upstairs in the laundry room.  Then we had a Mystery to solve.  Someone had taken the presents and we had to solve the clues to figure out where they went.  In order to get a clue you had to win a game.  I printed some coloring pages off the computer and glued them onto various shaped (circle triangle square oval rectangle) construction paper.  I then asked them random questions about the Pooh characters and whoever found the picture first and stood on it got to pick a clue bag to open.  I placed a dirty(poured chocolate sauce on it)sock in a brown bag for the first clue some dryer sheets in a brown bag for the second clue a bottle of water in a brown bag for the third clue and a laundry detergent bottle in a bag for the last clue.  After all the clues were revealed they had to figure out where the presents could be.  That mystery was history!

PARTY FAVORS: For their parting gift I got some red handkerchiefs and some dowels from Wal-mart and tied them onto the dowels to make "hobo" bags.  I filled them with fruit snacks Pooh pez and little flashlight compasses and whistles(from Oriental Trading Co.)  The kids absolutely loved throwing these over their shoulders and being on their way! 

FOR FOUR YEAR OLDS:  This year I thought I was going to get her to try something new for a party but she was stuck on Pooh.  I offered her everything and finally when I said "How about a Tinker Bell party she said, no Pooh but she can come too!"  So a TinkerPooh" party it was!  

DECORATIONS: Autumn tree from the first year I painted more Pooh pictures.  I used a white shower curtain and painted a huge picture of Pooh gazing up at Tinkerbell flying over him.  I took all of the previous decorations flying leaves flying kites and flying bees and put them all over the house.  Luckily my sister-in-law had just had a Tinkerbell party for her little girl so I used her painting for the Tinkerbell decorations. 

GAMES: Honey Pot toss… I painted wooden clothes pins yellow added back stripes and hot glued wings onto them.  The kids had to stand back and try to toss the bee into the honey pot.  The second game we played was "Musical Bees"  I ordered some really cheap Easter bobble heads(headbands with coils going up with a decoration at the tip) from Oriental Trade Co..  I bought Styrofoam balls from Wal-mart painted them yellow with black stripes removed the Easter decorations from the tips of the bobble heads and twisted the balls on.  Then I painted huge flowers on white card paper.  I placed them on the ground in a line gave each kid a bobble to put on their heads and made them "buzz" around the flower line to Winnie the Pooh music until it stopped.  Once the music stopped each bee had to be on a flower to continue playing.  If they didn't find a flower they were out.  Then I removed a flower after each turn slowly eliminating bees until there was only one left… the winner. 

PARTY FAVOR: I ordered from Oriental Trade Co. some "To Go" boxes with handles and filled them with a mixture of Pooh and Tinkerbell stuff.  Because of Tinkerbell's involvement I also ordered some really neat flower boxes (I think they were for Weddings) and filled them with candy for the kids as prizes.  Each year has been awesome and this year she will be five and she has informed me that it will be another Pooh party… surprise surprise!  "

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