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Winnie the Pooh

Classic Pooh Party -1yr- Pooh Dress




Katrina in Duarte, CA


January 2001



Theme: Classic Pooh 1st Birthday Party  Number of Guests: Approx. 75 Ages of children: Infant-10  Adults of all ages 

Invitations: First of all I dressed my daughter in a pink velour Classic Pooh dress and birthday party hat that had "Birthday Princess" printed on it with a furry trim around it and on top. I then took my daughter along with all her Classic Pooh toys and chest and went to the local 1 hour photo. We created a Classic Pooh scene and sat my daughter in the Pooh chest.

Next I had the picture scanned and printed on stock card. Then I purchased some velum and printed the birthday invite info: It's my first birthday and I'm so excited we're having a party and you're invited! Saturday, Month & day is the date Join us from 11:00-3:00 o'clock to celebrate! Location of Party Love, child's name RSVP to my Mommy or Daddy (phone number) Then I put the vellum and card stock picture together with a very pretty pink sheer ribbon about 1 1/2 in wide. 

Location of party:  We rented the city community center. Duarte Community Center which had clean restrooms, a kitchen w/ refrig. & stove if necessary, tables and chairs, and a stage. Believe it or not it was not very expensive. It sure beats the mess at your house. Furthermore, the weather is so unpredictable and my daughter was not walking to well yet so a park was out of the question.  

Food: We purchased sandwich, chicken, sala, fruit, deviled egg, and veggie platters from Albertson's. We had chips and dips at every table. My Mother made 4 platters of strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate.   Then for the kids: We purchased hamburger and chicken nugget happy meals from McDonalds. 

Drinks: 4 big red plastic tubs of bottled water, Capri suns, and sodas. 

Cake: We have this cake place that makes great cakes. They are about 5 inches high. We got a full sheet. It was 1/2 chocolate with bananas and 1/2 white with strawberries. On the outside it is whipcream. They decorated it by making it green (like grass) then they made a big brown tree which was about 8 inches high and they made several honey pots with honey coming out of them. Then I bought some classic pooh (squeaky toys) from the Disney Store and placed them on the cake. I also got a 6 inch round cake for my daughter to dig into when she blew out her candles. Just for the fun of it and for pictures.  

Decorations: I bought all the Classic Pooh paper table cloths, paper plates, napkins (inter-mixed with plain pink and lavender plates and napkins). I also wrapped forks, knives and spoons in a plain white napkin and tied together with a 2 inch card stock and printed "Child's Name 1st Birthday & Date. I cut the edges with wedge cut scissors. Then I put double sided tape to hold it together. Then I placed the utensils in a decorated basket. We rented a helium tank and tied balloons to a plastic Classic Pooh tumbler cup with animal crackers in it and placed it in a clear bag with a bow to close it and a label "child's name 1st Birthday and date". These were for the guests to take home. One other thing on the balloons, we got the big clear latex balloons and put 3 colored smaller latex balloons inside.  

For the children: We had the Classic Pooh party hats and blowers along with goodie bags. I had 3 different type of Classic Pooh goodie bags.  For the babies/toddlers: I had a bag filled with rice crispy treats, cheerios and animal crackers. I then tried the Classic Pooh bag around a 7-8 inch little bunnies with sheer pink ribbon.  For the Older kids: I made goodie bags with all kind of candy and party toys (yoyo, scribble pad, etc. bought at the 99 cent store.) For the Pre-Teens: I only had a few which were girls. I  made a goodie bag with candy and I bought some really cute note pads and address books at the 99 cent store. 

Finally the Entertainment: I hired a caricaturist.( A lady who drew cartoons of and for all the guests.) We hired a man who made balloons for all the kids and did a magic show toward the end of the party. We luckily saved a few bucks and had my Aunt who is a clown and so she dressed like a clown and painted the children's faces.  We had a man who I highly recommend "Parties by Panda-Monium" This guy was great. He kept the children entertained the whole time. He brought mats, mini ball bit, parachute, and other play equipped. He had the kids rolling all over the place.

He also did a magic show. He even got my daughter involved and put her in the middle of the parachute and had all the kids sing happy birthday. He was able to entertain all 40 something kids. Then the last 1/2 hour of the party my husband had, his friend's son, who is a black belt, perform a karate show, along with a girl friend who is a black belt too.  The kids loved it and were all participating. The parents all loved it too.

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