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Wiggles Party

Musical Wiggly Party -3yr- Wiggly Cake of Colors




Kirsten in Glendale, AZ  USA


March 2007


Runner Up

We just celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday on March 24th at our home.  I had a hard time coming up with a theme because I knew that my huge Wiggle fan was about over the Wiggles.  We found out the Wiggles were coming in concert to Phoenix a couple of weeks before her birthday (which we attended), so I took a risk and  started planning her Wiggly party! 

I searched and searched for invitations - it was tricky since I didn't really have a theme yet, except for the Wiggles.  I found an invitation I really liked at paperbuzz.com and decided to go with that.  It had 3 large horizontal stripes in green, red, and yellow and blue musical note on the side. This is where the MUSICAL part of the party started. I added some embellishments of small purple music note cut outs (from my local scapbook store) to the green section (I needed to get Jeff's color on there somewhere/how) and added a small 1 1/2 square picture of my daughter backed in the same purple and popped up from the invite with little pop-up dots also from the scapbook store. 

The invites read as follows:  "Hoop-Dee-Doo XXX is TWO Hoop-Dee-Dee She's turning THREE! You're invited to her WIGGLY party!  When Where Etc.  A Wiggly dinner will be served."  And in the round part of the blue music note there was a request to "Please wear your favorite Wiggly color".  The invitations turned out so cute and I received a ton of compliments on them. 

The menu was fairly easy to plan.  We had Henry the Octopus hot dogs (cut the hot dog lengthwise about 3/4 of the way up twice to make four "legs" and boil them) hot potatoes (tater tots) cold spaghetti (I got a cold spaghetti pasta parmesean salad from our local fine foods store-delicious) fruit salad of course and rosy "tea" which was a really easy punch recipe of frozen orange juice frozen lemonade water grenadine and 7-Up.  We didn't have a good seating area for kids but my husband was able to make a table for them out of 13" blocks and a 6 foot rectangular folding table - we just didn't unfold the legs.  I found the cutest little chairs in red yellow and blue and the 99 cent store and bought enough for each child to have one - even let the kids take their chair home if they wanted.  I was suprised and how few I had left at the end of the party!  The were quite popular! 

The kids table had a Wiggles plastic tablecloth and a bunch of 3 balloons on it.  Also sprinkled the table with musical confetti - guitars music notes and stars.  For the rest of the party decorations I kept it mostly musical just to help make my planning easier.  I had a Happy Birthday banner made (Birthday Express) that had the Wiggles colors swirled and music notes all over it and hung this outside on  our pool fence.  All around the rest of the pool fence I tied large plastic music notes with fishing line that I also got from Birthday Express.  This seemed to add a 3-D look to the fence and just gave the whole banner a finishing touch. 

We have 3 wall sconce lights on our back patio and from each one of those I hung 3 cardboard cut-out music notes as well.  I tried to keep all the decorating in sets of 3 since my daughter was turning 3.  On the front door  I made and hung a large Wiggles wreath.  It was mostly roses (for Dorothy's Rose Garden) and had a giant bow with all four Wiggles colors and then I added all 8 of the little Wiggles figurines that we had lying around not being played with.  My daughter has never missed them but they can be easily removed from the wreath when she wants them back.  I had  cut out what seemed like a hundred of the number "3" in all the Wiggles colors too and placed them around the coffee tables end tables and kitchen table in our home (I also added the musical confetti too) as well as strung them on a ribbon and placed it across our mantle.  All the balloon bunches were tied off in sets of 3. 

The balloons were only the Wiggles colors.  I was looking for an activity for the kids to do - some kind of craft or something - and found some cut-out cardboard 27" guitars (Oriental Trading).  I added small black circles to the middle where the hole would usually be on a guitar and added different colored ribbon to the top so the kids could wear them around their necks.  I also found some music note alphabet stickers and put each child's name on their guitar where the neck of the guitar is so everyone had their own and it was already labeled for them. 

On our large rectangular patio table I had the craft center set up. This is where the kids went first as they arrived at the party.  I had all the guitars there with markers and stickers for the kids to decorate their very own guitar.  I tried to keep all the stickers in the musical theme of the party and any additional stickers I found were the Wiggly colors.  The kids and parents had a blast with this.  Little did they know what was coming up!  Read on....

On the grass I had  a play center set up.  There were hoola-hoops a couple of slides and a small swingset for the kids to play on.  I also had a blow-up velcro target game that was quite popular - throw the ball and see if you can get it to stick to the target.  It came with 3 balls and I was constantly fetching them from our pool area. Oh well.  I tied fishing line to this as well so it could be lower for the kids but if the grown-ups wanted to play it could be easily raised.  About an hour into the party a special guest arrived to greet the kids and sing some songs!  It was "MURRAY WIGGLE" (I am lucky enough to have a friend whose husband is in a band and who plays the guitar and was willing to take this on)!  I had gotten him a long-sleeved red shirt and found a Wiggles logo on e-bay that I ironed on.  He sang about 8 Wiggles songs and all the kids danced and "played their guitars with Murray"!  It was so cool! 

Then of course we had a photo op and had the kids pics taken with "Murray".  This looked great with all the kids wearing their favorite Wiggly color and my little one in the custom Wiggles overalls I had made for her awhile back when she was a HUGE fan - they have the Big Red Car on the front with the 4 guys and Dorothy the Dinosaur on the back and a darling checkered Wiggly ruffly around the bottom of the legs.  After Murray made his appearance we had dinner.  I forgot to mention that each child had his/her own ketchup cup to dip their hotdog in (the small sample SOLO brand cups from a party store) - I think this really saved on any mess and double dipping. 

After dinner we tried to play a couple of games.  We played a modified version of Duck-Duck-Goose but used the words Lights-Camera-Action-WIGGLES.  When WIGGLES was spoken that is when the chase was to begin but instead all the kids got up and ran around.  It was too funny. 

Then we went into MUSICAL chairs.  Of course only using Wiggles songs.  They did much better at this game - except for one little girl who kept bringing her own chair back in to the circle.  Those little chairs for $1 were perfect for this!  I ended this game when I had 3 kids left so they each got a prize.  Their prize was a Wiggles Matching Pairs Card Game I had purchased on e-bay). 

The prizes were in Dorothy the Dinosaur bags (small green paper bags with different size yellow circles glued to them and they were tied with a Wiggles colored striped ribbon).  After games Murray Wiggle came out again and sang Happy Birthday to my little girl. 

Then we had cake!  And a Wiggly cake it was!  I enlisted my brother-in-law to help with this - it just looked like a plain white round cake on the outside but when it was cut into there was 4 layers - each a different color - red blue yellow and purple! It was amamzing!  And so delicious as well!  Pretty much after that the party was over. 

On their way out each child received a favor bag that had some Wiggles stickers Wiggles fruit snacks a small maraca and tamborine shaker guitar shaped bubble necklace star shaped sunglasses and 3 Hershey's miniture candies with personalized Wiggles overwrappers that said "Thanks for Wiggling at XXX's 3rd Birthday".  The gift bags were just solid Wiggles colored paper bags I purchased from the party store.  I glued a cut-out number "3" to the front and tied each with Wiggly colored ribbon and a tag the read "thank you for making music with me at my Wiggly 3rd birthday party!"  I had a few kids that were under 1 so in their bags I had 3 items - a see-through colored maraca and egg shaker and a Wiggly-Giggly shaker (sounded like laughing when it was shaken). 

All in all I'd say the party was a HIT!  My daughter is still talking about it and says her favorite part was playing her guitar with "Murray" and getting her picture taken with him too!  My husband says I'll never be invited to another kids party because no one will be able to match this one!  And is concerned about how I'm going to top it for her 4th next year!  I am really happy with the way this party came together and turned out.  I honestly don't think I would have done anything different except maybe invite a few less kids (we ended up with 14) - the clean up was not a HIT even though the party was!  I even had a great time!"

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