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Wiggles Party

Wiggles -3yr- Dorothy's Rose Garden Toss




Kathy in North Ridgeville, Ohio USA


November 2008


Honorable Mention

My son wanted to have a Wiggle theme birthday party for his 3rd birthday. We decided to have the party at home and go all out with the Wiggles Theme!  

Invitations:   Invitations were purchased on line. They had the Wiggles on the front. To make the outside envelope more fun, Wiggles stickers were added and markers were used to draw confetti-like squiggles all over it.  

Decorations:  To allow our guests to easily find the Wiggly Party I created a large sign out of a recycled box that read Wiggly Party in big bold letters. It was cut out in the wiggly shape just as the Wiggles have it. Balloons in the Wiggles colors of red, yellow, blue, and purple were tied to the mailbox to signify where the party house was.   Since the party was outside we had a Wiggles CD playing the entire time the party was going on.  

We set up FIVE Wiggly Stations: Dorothy's Rose Garden Toss, Anthony's Artists, Wags' Jumping House, Henry's Underwater Ring Toss, Captain Feather Sword's Buried Treasure.   Each station had a life-size character cut-out that was created on large recycled boxes and drawn using a Wiggles coloring book and a magnifying machine to enlarge the photos so they could be easily traced. These were then put on garden stakes and placed into the ground near the appropriate station.  

The patio was decorated with balloons, streamers, and table covers all in the Wiggles colors of blue, red, yellow, and purple.   Costumes:   Our family got into the Wiggly theme by each of us wearing the color of one of the Wiggles: red, yellow, blue, and red. The Birthday Boy wore a Wiggles T-shirt!  

Activities/Games:  We set up FIVE Wiggly Stations: Dorothy's Rose Garden Toss, Anthony's Artists, Wags' Jumping House, Henry's Underwater Ring Toss, Captain Feather Sword's Buried Treasure.  

Station 1: Dorothy's Rose Garden Toss A hand-made bean bag toss was made using a rectangular shaped box. Six holes were cut out of the box in the pattern of three, two, and one. The box was then covered with fake roses and leaves using a glue gun. It looked like Dorothy's Rose Garden. Bean bags were stored in a cute basket next to the life-size cut-out of Dorothy.   

Station 2: Anthony's Artists A small children's picnic table was set out with baskets of crayons and a basket full of coloring pages that were taken from a Wiggles coloring book and the Wiggles website. Small art smocks were put out for the children to wear.  

Station 3: Wags' Jumping House A life-size cut-out of Wags was next to a jumper for the children to play in as Wags' dog house.  

Station 4: Henry's Underwater Ring Toss A life-size cut-out of Henry was placed next to a small children's size pool filled with enough water to allow a floating octopus to move in the water. The octopus ring toss was found at a local store where pool toys can be purchased. The children tried to ring one of the tentacles of the octopus. 

Station 5: Captain Feather Sword's Buried Treasure A life-size cut-out of Captain Feather Sword was placed next to a sandbox. The sandbox had buried gold coins and buckets for the children to find the hidden treasures.   The children had a lot of fun going from station to station and playing all of the Wiggly Party games.

A Wiggles CD played in the background as the children went from station to station playing the games. It was definitely a Wiggly good time had by all!  Party Snacks/Food:  Traditional Wiggly good food was served. We had FRUIT SALAD (Yummy! Yummy!), pizza, and HOT POTATO chips 

Cake:  The cake was a traditional rectangular sheet cake that was cut in a wiggly shape just as the Wiggles sign is designed. An overlay was purchased from a local cake shop and placed on the top. The sides were each colored a different color: red, yellow, blue, and purple.   Party Favors:   Each guest left with a Murray Guitar that was a soft pillow in the shape of a guitar

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