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Wiggles Party

Wiggles Party -3yr- Octopus Hotdogs




Michelle in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada


November 2006


Special Mention

My 3 year old is a HUGE Wiggles Fan. To celebrate his birthday we had a Wiggly party!  My plan was to organize a free flow outdoor party however, Mother Nature had another plan. Due to the pouring- rain that day, we decided to move the party inside. This actually worked out better since we were able to set up everything the night before leaving minimal set up for the party day. We still kept the party free-flow meaning children could come and go at each activity as they wished for as long as they wished.

When the children arrived at the house they were greeted by a large painted cut out of Flora Door which I made and taped onto the front door. Each child was given a Make and Take paper bag with the wiggles logo on the front and their wiggle name (ex: John Wiggle) printed below. Inside the bag there was a wiggles paper cup and straw with their name printed on each (just in case they lose it!) for them to use at the party and a small bottle of bubbles which I attached a ribbon to for the children to hang around their neck and added musical note stickers. This Make and Take bag will be for each child to store their treasures they find at the party and the artwork they create.

Once the children were inside, they could follow the Wiggles signs and arrows to the many activity centres I had planned. In the front hallway I created Henry's Underwater World. On about 7 pages of blue construction paper I cut and glued fish, starfish, seaweed, wiggles logos and 1 Henry the Octopus. I taped all of those pictures to the floor in a row and placed clear mac-tac (shelf liner) over top with the sticky side up. When the children walked over the sticky paper their feet stuck to the paper  2-3 year olds think this is great! The object was to find Henry. In the living room we had Music with Murray. The children could make their own maracas using paper plates stapled together with beans inside. Children could decorate the outside with a wiggles logo I printed on the computer, markers, tissue streamers and music note stickers.

The kitchen hosted Anthony's Workshop. I made playdough with all 4 Wiggle colours (red, blue, yellow and purple) with a variety of cookie cutters. Be a Wiggle was in the family room. We had a karaoke machine set up with a variety of instruments and a stage built from a small skid for children to dance on. Behind the stage I painted a red curtain on poster paper and hung a Wiggles logo in the middle  great for picture taking. The Baby Wiggles were also in the family room. This was an area for infants with lots of toys to amuse them while brother or sister was playing. The Laundry Room housed Anthony's Workshop. I purchased a Wiggles stamp set that had all of the Wiggles characters and I printed the wiggles logo on the paper for them to use.

Even the garage was a source of fun and excitement. We had a bouncy castle up for the children with the sign Wags House. Dorothy's Garden became a few chairs for adults to gather around and chat which I decorated with about 30 tissue paper flowers I made (you remember the kind in kindergarten?). The front porch was where we had Captain's Beach. My Mr. Turtle sandbox was filled to the brim with sand and hidden inside was tons of treasure  gold coins, necklaces, telescopes and rings. Children could take home what they found.

Don't forget the food table in the dining room! The children's food table consisted of hotdogs that looked like Octopus (from this site) with individualized ketchup and mustard (small plastic shot glasses for those double dippers!), pasta salad (cold spaghetti), potato salad (hot potatoes) and veggies wrapped in children's portions (carrots and celery tied with steamed leek greens).

For dessert we had a Wiggles cake decoratated from a  Wiggles cake set, crunchy munchy honey cakes (from the Wiggles website), and fruit salad in individualized cups cut into star and other shapes (even kids who didn't like fruit tried these awesome cups!). Loot Bags consisted of a wiggles colour book (printed from the wiggles site), crayons, bubbles, wiggles paddleballs, wiggles kaleidoscope, wiggles stickers, and chocolate gold coins. If an outdoor party is an option. here are a few more ideas: Rolling down the Sandhills, a basketball net with a Wiggles logo taped on and a Wiggles ball to shoot the hoops. Everyone had an AMAZING day and the kids went home exhausted! You know you've had a great party when the kids are too exhausted to put on their coats!

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